Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

This year we are not putting up our Christmas tree until Christmas Eve--late Christmas Eve. Oh sad.  Everyone knows that I typically whip out the decorations the day after Thanksgiving.  We have 4 very good reasons for this:

4. It is the Bruns family tradition to decorate the tree together while Manheim Steamroller is playing in the background.  My parents do not arrive until Christmas Eve and Mateo doesn't arrive until 10pm.

3. Tama Boo.  She actually isn't too bad with the tree.  It is more like she loves wrapping paper and bows.  No package is complete without teeth marks in the ribbon.

2. Sophie.  We are not sure if a.) she thinks the tree if for potty breaks or b.) which is more likely--she will chase Amelie up the tree.

1. No your eyes do not deceive you.  There is a cat IN the tree.  Not under it but in it.   Last year Amelie thought it was appropriate to take naps in the upper branches of the tree.


  1. Should we bring our copy of Mannheim Steamroller with us?

  2. I will put up another tree tonight for you :)


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