Monday, November 2, 2009

11.2.09 Amelie's Vet Visit & The Old Man Is Snoring

My poor darling little furbaby needs surgery again. Amelie (or as Andrew likes to call her the HEB Rotisserie Chicken) has a history of gingival stomatitis, which is an autoimmune disease where the body rejects the teeth due to plaque & the normal bacteria that lives in the mouth. Typical treatment includes antibiotics, steroids (which the vet said she is too young for), and removal of teeth. There is no cure, but the best treatment is extraction of all the teeth behind the canines. This past August Amelie lost 8 teeth & she was only scheduled for the removal of 2.

Amelie is such a happy cat. It is hard to tell if she is in pain because she plays, snuggles, and meows in her sing-song voice. We typically know that she is in trouble because she has this horrendous breathe. It is so bad that Andrew will ask if someone farted and it can be traced to Ame who is sitting across the room. She is still eating but not as much. She lost 3/4 of a pound since mid-August. That is about 10% of her body weight! My poor baby! All of her gums, including those around the canines and the back of her throat are extremely inflamed. Surgery is being performed this Wednesday because it is so bad.

Ellie accompanied us to the vet this morning. She wore her kitty cat shirt in support of Amelie. Ellie wowed the vet techs with her cuteness and then slept through Ame's exam. Do you know how hard it is to carry a diaper bag, a baby carrier with baby, and a pet carrier with a cat?

Change of subject:

Andrew snores. Loudly. The key is to fall asleep before he starts snoring otherwise I lay awake counting the seconds between the peaks and no, it is not like counting sheep. Apparently I snore, but not that loud. However Andrew states that I snore "like a duck in heat" or like the little trumpet that could not.

That's all for now. Tomorrow Ellie has play group at Jungle Java. Coffee for mommy! Then Sophie has her last puppy class. Until next time. . .

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