Saturday, November 28, 2009

11.27.09 Candy Cane

Yesterday we did venture out into the shops at the Domain. Yes, we went shopping on Black Friday.  Yep, me the person who dislikes people and shopping.  It actually wasn't horrendous like I thought it would be since all of the other people were sleeping after hanging out at Toys R Us and Kohls at 4:00 in the morning.  We went to Apple Store, Dunja and Charles went to IKEA & Gymboree, and Andrew & Charles went to Lowes.

Andrew bought me an iMac for Christmas.  It was his good idea :-) but I am starting to think that it is really for him.  True, it is set up on my desk, but he has been the one using it thus far.  He is uploading all 208 (look out Mateo) of our CDs onto iTunes so that we can then use them with our Apple TV.  I haven't explored it that much yet but I did sync the calendar with iPod.  It is color-coded!

Mama Dunja and Papa Charles bought Ellie the cute PJs in the pictures below.

These photos were taken last night by Mama Dunja and myself.  Ellie was pretty tired when we took them.

Note: Happy Birthday Dad!

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