Monday, November 23, 2009

11.30.09 Jibber Jabber

Andrew and I are noticing that Ellie is starting to talk a lot.  Obviously not a shocker given how much I talk!  She is especially vocal during tummy time.  She loves being on her tummy and exclaims "Oooo" with the occasionally "I".  She just gets so excited when she lifts her head up.  She is also starting to become interested in toys.  She likes to look at her mobile in the crib and likes to grab onto her burp clothe.
Last night Ellie Bear slept almost 12 hours!  She was being a fussy little stinker yesterday and refused to nap so I guess she made up for it by sleeping so well last night.

Today is cleaning day.  We are preparing for the Thanksgiving arrival of Papa Charles & Mama Dunja.  Thus far I got the dusting done and some straightening up.  Imagine my surprise when I walked into what I thought was an already clean guest room to find a hole in the wall with several ethernet wires sticking out, the desk askew, and tools next to the bed.  Okay, honestly, I wasn't that surprised.  Drewbie spend the weekend doing ethernet cable and infra-red wiring type of work that involved the attic, the niche in the living room, and of course, the guest room.  It was all very high tech and complicated but the internet works well and the TV & projector work.  It is a good thing Drew-Drew is so smart because I would have been hiring someone.

Time for Ellie and me to enjoy the sunshine!

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