Friday, November 13, 2009

11.13.09 Miss Manners

Today Ellie and I attended our Mother's Group meeting. My Godson Grant did not say "Auntie Anna, what is this?" like he did the last time, but rather he called her "Grace". Grace is Grant's baby sister's name. Apparently all babies are "Grace".

Ellie received all sort of attention at the Group today. During prayer circle, she farted really loud. This caused most of the circle to burst out laughing. I guess Ellie doesn't realize that prayer circle is not for laughing, but rather for serious intentions. That is okay, for babies are excused from being lady-like in public. Then she was passed around among several of the members where each person cooed at her. She was such a good little baby!

We made autumn-themed centerpieces today during part of group. Typically we have social time and then a speaker yet today I was expected to be creative and such. Mine looks like a toddler made it. I now have it proudly sitting on our kitchen table.

My fellow friend who is the foster mom to this beautiful 9 month-old girl with DS was there today. We introduced the babies to each other and they each tried to grab at one another. I think in the baby world, this means that they are friends :-)

Last night Ellie had the hiccups and this distressed Andrew to no end. While I try in vain to get rid of them, I do not have the "special touch". Andrew does. The photos on today's post depict Andrew's awesome hiccup-curing ability.

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  1. Ellie is really holding her head up well! But that hair!!!
    Awa Grandma


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