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Andrew, Anna, and Ellie
The Buddy Walk 2010

My name is Anna and I am a former pediatric nurse practitioner who became a stay-at-home mom in September  2009.  When people say that "life is a journey and not a destination", I whole heartedly agree and have quickly discovered that it is the day-to-day blessings and challenges that make the spice of life. This blog originally started as a means to keep everyone updated about Ellie's health status and to educate our friends and family about Down syndrome and sensory processing disorder [SPD].  In the past year, our blog has evolved to include a snapshot of our day-to-day lives, developmental progress reports, and entertaining stories about my 4-legged fur babies and my husband's DIY endeavors. 

The Chronicles of Ellie Bellie Bear continues because I want the world to see what I see just how wonderful and utterly perfect my daughter is, designer genes and all.  That our little Bear-Bear has more determination and motivation than most adults I know and that she is surpassing all of our expectations.  That, yes, there are challenges and yes, sometimes thing are hard, but Ellie is our beautiful, sassy daughter who completes our family.

Blogging for this medical mama has become very therapeutic in not only writing about the struggles, but also to shout out "hey!  Ellie did this!  Can you believe it?!" or "did you see that teenager who is attending college and that he happens to have Down syndrome?"  I started to hope that people would stumble upon my blog and would be changed by either a post, a photograph, or even a phrase I had written.  That they would gain support, hope, or the knowledge that they so desperately crave.  That they would walk away with a smile on their face and with the knowledge that loving and caring for a child with special needs is not the end of the world, that it does not shatter families, and that it is not all about trials, but rather about celebrating the triumphs and viewing life differently.  Ellie is just like any other child.  A child who wants to be loved, will contribute to society even though it takes her a little longer to hit those pesky milestones we get so hung up on.

Additionally, I also enjoy throwing in some hilarious stories about my husband Andrew and his fabulous, tasty grilling or DIY endeavors as well the antics of our 3 furbabies.

Disclaimer:  While this blog discusses medical conditions, they are related to my experiences with Ellie only.  The information in Chronicles of Ellie Bellie Bear does not replace the care and education provided to/for you or your child's health care providers.  Please realize that all thoughts and opinions are that of my own. I realize that not everyone may or may not agree with me and please know that it is not my intention to offend anyone. 

Meet the Family:

Ellie Bellie Bear
August 2011

Anna and Ellie

Andrew and Ellie 2018

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