Sunday, September 16, 2018

Happy 9th Birthday, Ellie!

Can you believe it?  Nine years ago, our world changed forever. . . for the better.  Yes, we were off to a rocky beginning.  Andrew and I nervous about being new parents.  (Andrew was scared to hold her and feed her) What if we mess up?!  Yes, we will mess up and then what?!  We were trying to get over the shock that our tiny, perfect baby surprised us with her extra 21st chromosome.  We were elated.  She's perfect!  We were scared.  We had this vision on how things were going to be and then the sassy Ellie Bellie Bear (yes, she was sassy even as a newborn) threw us through a bunch of loops.

I still cannot believe that I have a 9 year-old (read: that I am old enough to have a 9 year-old even though I have the white hairs prove it).  I feel like she was just a little toddler yesterday.  This year has brought many changes.

Ellie Bear is making a ton of friends at schools and when she is on her best behavior - with kids on playscapes.  She loves to dance in her 2dance2dream class and at home to YouTube videos.  Turkey Bear enjoys her horse therapy sessions and always asks to dance with her respite care provider, Kyla.  Over the summer, there was lots of father-daughter bonding time at the swimming pool.  The Bear stills favors Mickey Mouse over all other shows, but she does like The Wiggles (who she got to meet on her Wish Connection trip), Frozen, Nina Has to Go short stories, and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  Her favorite bands to dance to include: Like a Storm, Skid Row, Guns n Roses, Queen, and Aerosmith (yes, I am raising a metal head). . . and just to add in some country (a true Texan), Cole Swindell.  Her favorite playtime is pretend play with her stuffed princess dolls.

She is trying to talk!  Ellie is imitating everything we say. . . as in after I said a choice cuss word at a guy who cut me off and she repeated the second half of the word. Hint: it rhymes with "sass".  Right now, her two favorite phrases are "there is (she/he) is!" and "bye y'all!"

Ellie Bear finally gained weight after being diagnosed with Failure to Thrive for 3 years.  She also grew a lot.  Who's taking bets that she will eventually be taller than my 5'2"?  Any takers?  

Happy Holidays

May you all have a wonderful, safe, healthy, and relaxing Holiday season full of laughter, love, and copious amounts of coffee!