Wednesday, March 21, 2018

WDSD: The Many Faces of Down Syndrome

Today is World Down Syndrome Day!  While all people with Down syndrome carry 3 copies of the 21st chromosome and share some facial features, they are all unique individuals just like everyone else.  They look like their family member and they have their on interests and strengths.  Today, I would like to share with you the community that I became a part of when my daughter, Ellie, was born with Down syndrome.

Ava is 10 years-old and loves reading, art, music, and dance.
In this picture, she is working on her Molly Brown project for her Colorado History class.

Chloe enjoys dancing, acting, and pretend play.

Hannah loves all things musical, especially dancing. She's being to love showing her independence.

Kyshon is 10 years-old

Kylie is 18 years-old and enjoys skiing, basketball, and swimming.  She is warm-hearted and kid and occasionally fresh!

Let's give a big smooch back to Miss Grace!  She loves dancing to music with beats, tennis, and swimming.  She has a great sense of humor and enjoys pranking her family.  She is currently learning  how to play guitar and is a voracious reader and good student.
(I asked her mom about some of Grace's pranks.  Ooh that girl is a cheeky little thang!)

Sydney is 13 years-old and loves gymnastics, dance lessons, and long walks on the beach.

Ruby is 7 years-old and loves bowling, playing with dogs, dancing, and ice cream!

Kennedy is 13 years-old and enjoys dancing, acting, modeling and shopping for shoes and purses.

Ty is 10 years-old.  He loves all sports in the Special Olympics, watching football - especially the Cowboys and Longhorns (As a fellow Texan here: "Hook 'Em")

Evie Grace loves books, Sesame Street, and Mickey Mouse.

Hailey is 11 years-old and loves to watch Barney on the iPad.

Hailey loves Disney World (especially the Princesses), all things Frozen, and Shopkins. She also loves her two older brothers to pieces.

Ellie is 8 years-old and full of sass!  She loves horseback riding, school (yes, she's and odd duck), Mickey Mouse, trains, dancing, and Nutella.  What she does not like - her glasses!

Julian is a 7 year- old who loves to read, write, and swim.  He is also a big fan of chocolate ice cream!

Kimber enjoys singing, dancing, and doing her own hair and makeup. 

Clara (pictured with her sister, Rowan) is 5 years-old and loves dance, listening to the Beatles, and all things Coco. Most of all, she loves to play with her twin sister!

Aasher, with his awesome yellow shoes, is 8 years-old and loves baseball, swimming, movies, his Daddy, and Disney World

Courtney is 23 years- old and loves cheer, music, drawing, her brothers and watching children. 
(Do you think Courtney would come and babysit Ellie Bear?)

Lila loves learning about animals!  She also enjoys reading, dancing, and singing.

Lexi enjoys writing, singing, dancing, and cooking (can she come over to my house???).  She also loves doing flips.

Dewey is 23 years-old and loves Minions, Trolls, swimming and running track and field.

Sammi is 11 years-old and is a big fan of basketball, YouTube, reading and being a good mom to her dolls.

Levi, pictured with his brother Adam, loves to read Pete the Cat, play with cats, and play outside.

Darya loves music, Barney, hot dogs (check out her awesome costume!), the beach, and hamming it up for an audience.

Check out that smile!   Camden is 5 years-old and loves the pool, basketball, and Peppa Pig

Emily is 8 years-old and enjoys gymnastics, dance, horseback riding, and Disneyland!

Alexander is 23 years-old and loves competitive swimming and the Special Olympics. He also enjoys listening to music, playing Call of Duty, and hanging out with friends.

Wyatt loves the beach and church.  He also enjoys running track, swimming, and playing with PlayMobil.

Summer is a 3 year-old who always has a smile on her face and always lights up a room.  She loves singing and dancing.

Berkeley is 12 years-old and loves cheerleading.

12/27/1958 - 12/14/2012
This blog post is in loving memory of my Aunt Peggy.  Peggy loved bowling, swimming, and John Denver.  She passed away just a few days before her 54th birthday in 2012.  She was a beloved daughter, sister, aunt, and great aunt.  Peggy, you are forever loved and forever missed.

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Happy Holidays

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