Tuesday, March 20, 2012

World Down Syndrome Day 3.21

March 21st has always been a very special day for me.  It was the day that my brother entered the world and attempted to make my childhood full of sibling rivalry and love.  He was my playmate and is now one of my closest friends. Evening more meaning was added to the date March 21st when Ellie was born.  March 21st is recognized as World Down Syndrome Day.  A day chosen because it represents the three copies of the 21st chromosome.  Get it?  3-21!

This year is even more exciting.  This is the first year that the United Nations is recognizing today as World Down Syndrome Day.  Seven years ago, our communities started celebrating today and now, it is officially recognized by the UN.  Not that we really needed the UN to approve this day or anything, but it is lovely to have such recognition.

For our community, this day is about unity.  About all of us coming together to celebrate our children, our siblings, our aunts or uncles who all carry that extra special chromosome.  It is also about education.  About teaching others that we are more alike than different and that all life is precious, no matter how much genetic material a person carries.  I love seeing not just our local or national communities coming together, but the entire world.  So many countries uniting. All of us showing the world that people with Down syndrome are loved by their parents, by their siblings, by their friends.  That people with Down syndrome have meaningful lives and are contributing members to society.   Down syndrome is not something to fear.

I love the first video because it features children with Ds from countries I never even heard of (yes, I clearly need a social studies and geography lesson). It is beautiful to see these children in the classroom.  Learning.  With other children.

The second video is unique in that it shows the parents of children with Ds.  Parents with inspiring messages.  What would they would go back and say to themselves when they first learned of their child's diagnosis.  I especially like the one that says "Normal is a setting on a washing machine".  So true!

IDSC for Life: All Life Is Precious

What would you say to yourself if you could go back?

Going back 2.5 years ago, what would I say to myself?  "There is no such thing as normal, but there is amazing.  My daughter is amazing and perfect.  It will be okay.  For she and you are stronger than you think."

From my family to yours, wherever you may be: Happy World Down Syndrome Day!



  1. Hey Anna, since you already posted for WDSD, would you mind testing out the linky on my blog? Thanks!

  2. Happy World Down Syndrome Day! And Happy Birthday Matt!

  3. Thank you :)

    And give Ellie a happy WDSD hug from Ellie!

  4. Great post! Love seeing baby Ellie too!

  5. I enjoyed your post! Ellie is a cutie.

  6. super great post - and Ellie *always* takes my breath away. She is simply one of loveliest little girls I've ever seen - xo


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