Forceful Signing and The Pancake

Little Miss Picky

The Bear does not like soft foods such as bread, pasta, tortillas, or waffles.  Yet every once in a while, Ellie's eclectic tastes throw us for a loop.

Introducing: The Pancake.

I'll take my pancake SuperSized.

Ellie has a new addiction to pancakes.  Adult-size pancakes. No silver-dollar delectable buttery cakes for this picky toddler.

I should also mention that Ellie is really into fine dining for she will only eat pancakes from a restaurant.  Apparently she is a connoisseur of pancakes.  Ha!  I no longer have to stand in front of a hot stove flipping hot cakes!

A combination of the signs "Mine" and "pancake".

We enter a restaurant and The Bear emphatically signs "pancake".   In case we still are unsure as to what Ellie Bellie wants, she will continue to sign "pancake" the entirety of our stay. For some odd reason, Ellie seems to think if she signs for something, it should magically and immediately appear.

Signing "pancake" before she shoves more into her mouth.

She continues to sign "pancake" until the plate is set down on the table.  Oh and be aware neighboring diner if you order a pancake for Ellie will pitch an epic fit if she sees that tasty hot cake on a serving tray and it isn't hers.  Cue forceful signing with The Scream.  How dare that customer get a pancake before her.


Ellie is well known at places like Cafe Java or Kerbey Lane Cafe because when that tasty treat is placed on the table, she leaps out of the safety constraints of her high chair, peels that pancake right off the plate, and shoves the entire thing into her mouth.  It is the only time food does not drop get thrown onto the floor of a restaurant.

I never make messes.



  1. Thanks for the dinnertime giggles. From me and my husband!

  2. That little stinker had that pancake off the plate and in her mouth faster than a magician pulling the tablecloth out from under the dishes!

  3. LOVE THE BEAR!!! She's so cute! You should start her on waffles :D


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