2.9 Million Dollars and Suing God

Our Down syndrome community is in an uproar.  A huge uproar.  We are saddened and disgusted.  We are sad because it has happened before and it will happen again.  Our heart aches for the little girl involved.  For the little girl who will grow up and learn that her parents would have killed her in utero.  Our heart aches for her older brothers for goodness knows what they have learned from this.

Last Friday, March 9th, a jury reached a verdict and nearly 3 million dollars were awarded to a couple for a wrongful birth.  The wrongful birth of their daughter who has Down syndrome.  They sued the doctor and the lab techs who failed to diagnose their daughter prenatally in spite of a CVS.  Their reasoning--had they known that their unborn daughter was disabled, they would have aborted her.  These parents saw dollar signs.  They sued and they won.  Here is the whole story.

I loved her the moment I saw her.

There are so many things I want to say.  So many feelings floating around.  You see, I did not know until Ellie was born that she carried a little something extra.  I love my daughter with every single ounce of my being.  Was I shocked?  Yes. What I saying "Why God?"  Yes.  Yet the idea that I should sue never crossed my mind.   Do I honestly believe that this money awarded to these parents will entirely be used for their daughter's medical care?  No, I do not.  If her parents truly did not want their daughter, they could have put her up for adoption where are loving family would rejoice at having her in their lives.  Did you know that there is ~ 3 year waiting list for parents to adopt children with Ds?

As much I want to write about this, I know that I cannot describe my feelings as well as Deanna J. Smith at Everything And Nothing From Essex.  Please read her post "Perhaps You Should Sue God".



  1. Loved the link. I haven't wanted to dive in because my post would be too short: People Suck.

    But my quad screen was negative & my first three (!) Level II/high risk ultrasounds didn't have a single soft marker. Not one. We didn't find out till the 4th u/s when they finally noticed her heart. I have always been profoundly grateful for that extra time. I'm fairly certain I wouldn't have, but it was never never never an option after I felt her kicking.

    Given the massive issues w/her heart, I have wondered about the perinatal center's competency. Should I have sued? Maybe the lab too. Who DOESN'T get a slightly elevated quad screen at my ripe ol' age?

    Too bad I started blogging - since I've now admitted I think my girl is a joy & delight. Just think of all the extra beach vacations, oops, I mean therapy I could have paid for if I'd publicly lamented her existence. It's not like I'd need my *soul* for anything.

    *sigh* Sorry this is so long. Guess I had something to say after all.

  2. Your little girl is a doll.

    And yes, that news shocked me and saddened me as well. People are just not right.

  3. krlr, you commit is excellent. Beach vacations! I imagine that is exactly what the family will use some of that money for. Yes, I bet some of it will pay for speech therapy and sure-steps, but I know not all of it will be. Anyway, you should post your comment as a post on your blog--it is perfect!

  4. This whole thing is disgusting to me. Every time I read about this story it makes me sick to my stomach.

    I thought this was the perfect photo of Ellie to have at the end of the post - her eyes are so beautiful and piercing, it's as if she can see into the soul and is much wiser than the rest of us.


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