Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

Who needs a pacifier or formula when I have these tasty fingers!

Today was Andrew's turn to visit Urgent Care.  He has been feeling unwell for a while now.   We thought it was allergies, but it is worsening even with allergy meds and saline.  When the headache and sinus pressure started, he thought he should be seen before the long weekend.  Give how inept our PCP seems to be, Urgent Care seemed to be a better choice.  Diagnosis: Sinus Infection.  So now he is on a Z-Pak.

It's Girls Gone Wild!  
Ellie's hair just cracks me up.  It is like a muppet :-P

Yesterday I went to visit this Chiropractor.  He is awesome and who cannot trust a guy who name is Dr. Hamburger (He is from Austria and knows how to correctly pronounce my last name)?  I have always been a little skeptical of chiropractors.  Let's face it, one bad adjustment to the neck and your vessels can snap and then bam! stroke.  Yet Josh Tonnies educated me over the past few years and now I am sold.

Oh if only my PCP could be like Dr. H.  Dr. H asked me all sorts of questions, explained what he was looking for, and did a thorough exam yesterday.  During the exam he noticed that I had a lot of neck stiffness. He then did X-rays of my spine--a side view and frontal view.  After I quick glance of the X-rays he asked if I have ever fallen or been in an accident in the last 10-15 years.  This guy is clairvoyant! I was in a car wreck at age 14.

This morning I went in and he showed me a model of a normal spine.  He showed me what my spine looked like against a normal spine by setting my X-rays next to normal ones.  He then discussed how these finding affect your back and what needs to be done.  He is so thorough and just how a provider should be.

I think that I know why I have back pain--I have a compressed disc between the L5 (lumbar) and the tailbone.  I then have limited nerve movement at the L3 to L5 vertebrae.  The curvature of where my lumbar spine meets the tailbone is very off.  My neck vertebrae line up in almost a straight line.  There should be a 40-45 degree curve and mine is 7 degrees.

Dr.  H talked to me about the traction table, adjustments, and stretching.  He explained what they are, how they work, and what end goal is.  I never felt scared and he always told me what he was doing at the time.  It seems to me that the muscle relaxers and the pain meds just fix the symptoms as it flares up, but the realignment and stretching get to the root of the problem.

Nap time!

Andrew, Ellie, Tama, Sophie, Amelie, and I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy New Year.  Try not to dwell on all of the bad things from 2009 unless it is to find a way to change them, but rather focus on the good.  I am looking back on all of the wonderful things this past year has brought--ie Ellie, Sophie, Laura & Marty + kids home to USA, many visits from friends & family, successful surgery for a family member, home, job, so forth and so on. . .
Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

12.30.09 Step On A Crack, Break Your Mother's Back

Snug-A-Bug Ellie

Remember how I wanted my PCP's office to be open on Christmas Eve?  Um, nevermind.  I think I need to switch primary care providers.  The doctor is either omnipotent or asking for a malpractice suit.

While my back was/is steadily improving, I went to my primary care doctor's office yesterday morning as a follow-up to Urgent Care.

My appointment went something like this:

Doc: What brings you here today?

Anna: I hurt my lower back on 12/23.  I went to Urgent Care. . . 

Doc: Where does it hurt? Does it go down the leg?

Anna: [points to lower back] I think it might be because I just had a baby and. . . 

Doc: Yes, the ligaments are loose due to the baby.  You have a muscle sprain.

Anna: I 've tried a muscle relaxer and Urgent. . .

Doc: You must be careful how you bend over the crib and pick up the baby.  Go slow and think about the movement.  {writes prescription for muscle relaxer and for Loratab}

Never once did he let me finish a sentence.  He did not ask me about my Urgent Care visit.  Otherwise he would have known that I was ALREADY taking Loratab and a muscle relaxer.  He never even looked at my back. He didn't ask what I had tried for my back, what meds I was taking, my allergies, etc.  I am allergic to NSAIDs which covers many types of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain medications.  AUGH!

Urgent Care at least checked my back and associated joints.  Tested me for a UTI and for infection.

Tomorrow, I am off to the chiropractor.

Monday, December 28, 2009

12.28.09 Good Samaritan becomes Lycanthrope

Let it be known that "no good deed goes unpunished".    Also, go out to Macy's and purchase the Alfani brand of men's jeans.

Gross, yes, but I know that some of you really wanted to see the bite.

Last night, while dressed in Hello Kitty fuzzy PJs, I answered the door to my neighbor whose name now escapes me.  She has 2 houses.  One which lies diagonally across the street from us that is supposed to serve as a rent house and another somewhere else.  This rent house has been abandoned almost as long as I have lived here.  It has a pool.  A nasty, stinky, murky pool that breeds mosquitos year-round.

It has long been decided that this nice woman might be lacking in common sense.  Last night she rings our door bell because she:
1. Forgot the keys to the rent house
2. Dropped her keys to her car & other house into the pool
3. Lost her cellphone

She comes banging on the door asking for a long pole with a magnet.  I guess because everyone has one of these (actually, I wouldn't be surprised if we did have one of these). Being 30 degrees outside, I invite her into my home where I offer my phone to call for help.  She didn't know any of the phone numbers so I had to look all of them up online.  I also had to dial all of these numbers because my phone is confusing.  Andrew comes out and says he has some rake-like tool that might get the keys out.

Andrew stands by the 5 foot end of the pool with a maglight and the rake.  Our neighbor is supposed to be holding one TIGHT to the leases of her two dogs.  She forgets the damn keys to the house but was able to bring 2 large dogs to it? Anyway, just as Andrew is retrieving the keys, he gets bitten hard on the back of his thigh by one of the evil dogs.  The neighbor didn't even cry out a warning.

I am told that this dog is a "Chickensh*t" since he didn't have the courage to bit Andrew in front.  Fortunately the dog did not puncture the skin, but he did snap pretty hard and left some gnarly bruises and abrasions.  The Macy's jeans do not even have teeth marks or holes in them.  Fido did have all of his shots updated in October so we should be good but I have noticed that Andrew has started to howl and scratch more than usual . . .

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Bruns-Theurer Family

Santa has been good to the Bruns-Theurer family!

After my parents spent endless hours flying and hanging out at airports, they safely arrived to Austin on Christmas Eve.  There were several factors that affected the flight--they departed STL late, they stopped in Tulsa as the airport was closing due to snow & picked up several new passengers, the layover airport in Houston had a power outage. . .Matt was flying from Madison, WI where there was freezing rain and he connected in Minneapolis where feet of snow were falling yet his flight went like clockwork.  Bruns Family United!  We were too tired to decorate the tree by the time everyone arrived so we went to bed instead.

Ellie wore her very fashionable fuzzy peppermint jammies to greet Santa

Come morning, there is mass and monkey bread.  Yum!  Then the music comes on and the tree is decorated.  Ellie Bear slept through all of this but the furbabies were really excited.

There was a cat in the tree.
There was a cat under the tree.
There was a dog trying to eat the tree.

All 3 wanted to get into the SAME present--one of Ellie's

My parents took the photos of all of us opening presents so they have those on their camera.  I couldn't move around a whole lot due to my back so it was up to Andrew & Matt to hand out the gifts.  My brother thought we all needed unique and Wisconsin-specific gifts--Cheese!  He brought us all specialty cheeses and actually carried them onto the plane and then hid them in the fridge.  His Target plastic bags made impressive gift wrap.  Sorry, Matt, I just had to tease you :-)

We enjoyed a nice dinner using our china dishes for the second time ever.  We broke out the really cheap 12-person set of china that we purchased for a total of $50.  So cheap that I put those puppies in the dishwasher and they still look great.  We are really fancy in at the Bruns-Theurer household.  Andrew smoked a tasty brisket, but the fire went out part of the way.  He then completed the meal in the oven and it turned out perfectly.  We had sweet potatoes, rolls, and green bean casseroles.  Fortunately, I had made these at Dream Dinners and froze them.  My mother was able to do the rest of the work since I couldn't bend down to use the oven.  Also, I was smart and made the cupcakes with homemade vanilla buttercream icing earlier in the week.  Well, that was maybe not so smart since Andrew and I ate half of them before Christmas arrived.

Well, since my parents have the Ellie pics of her presents, I thought I would entertain you with a photo of Tama sitting on her homemade blanky while getting high on her homemade kitty-nip pillow.

Tune in next time for the story of Ellie's Baptism and Andrew playing the good Samaritan and getting a dog bit in return.  Don't fret you rubberneckers!  I got pictures.

12.27.09 Oh PCP Oh PCP . . .

how I wish you were open on Christmas Eve.  My baaaccck reeaaallly hurts.  I need an office visit oh so bad.  Oh PCP oh PCP. . .

Note: PCP = primary care provider

Once upon a time, during the summer of 2008, I injured my lower back picking up a pair of pants.  Laying on the floor, pantsless, I crawled to the phone and called crying to Andrew.  My prince charming swooped in and carried me into Dr. Joe's.  Dear Joe had one of my coworkers stab me with a large needle to deliver steroids and then he gave me muscle relaxers.  Eventually I was able to resume normal exercise with yoga and pilates.

A few months later, I became pregnant and Ellie Bear liked to hibernate on the right side of my uterus.  Oh right-sided sacroiliac/back pain how I loathe thee.  I learned the power of ice packs, heating pads, tylenol, and modified yoga.   I also learned that pregnancy can cause the middle of your abdominal muscles to split.  I am still waiting to learn about when they fuse again.

Then on 9/15/09 I went into labor. . . BACK LABOR.  Oh the pain, but I gained Ellie Bear a few hours later on 9.16.09.

Twas the night before Christmas Eve and the back pain strikes again.  I was naughty and took my old muscle relaxers and some Advil.  Used a heating pad.  Evil back pain persisted into Christmas Eve. In tears, unable to life my darling baby and unable to reach up to give a smack-a-roo to Mr. Sexy Drew, I called the nurse line to my doctor.  Unbeknownst to me, the office was closed.  Oh Urgent Care how I needed you.  Oh Urgent Care, you provide crappy care.  I am tested for infections of the bladder and kidney and told it is muscle strain.  He hands me a script for narcotic pain medicine.  I ask him about steroids and he says I don't need them.  Huh?  Oh yes, I would love to spend Christmas with the family all drugged up, in pain, and unable to drive, drink wine, etc.

Cue in Mr. Josh Tonnies, Jess' baby brother.  Josh is almost a full blown chiropractor.  What heat, ice, massage, muscle relaxers, resting, and anti-inflammatory pain meds & narcotics cannot do is readjust the pelvic-sacroilliac region.  After Ellie's baptism--pictures on a later post, Josh worked on my back and fixed the right side.  I am thankful that Andrew didn't walk in during this adjustment because I imagine it looked like we were misbehaving.  Chiropracting is very intimate work!  Okay, anyway the left side and center still hurt.   That doctor's office better be open tomorrow.  I want to be able to hold Ellie without help.

I do not think Ellie had lack of people to hold her . . .

Thursday, December 24, 2009

12.24.09 Twas the Night Before Christmas

Andrew, Ellie, and I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas (if you celebrate) and Happy Holidays!  We hope that everyone has a relaxing Holiday that is filled with lots of love, good-natured family bickering, and tasty food.

No pictures yet but I hope to post some soon.

Wishing safe travels to my parents and my brother Matt since they are traveling in horrible weather just to get to Texas.  Safe travels to all who are traveling this Holiday season.

Happy Holidays!

Love & Hugs,

Andrew, Anna, and Ellie

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Family Ties

There is family and then there is family.  There is obviously the family that ties us together due to genetic chemistry and sharing of chromosomal material.  Then we add in those legally bound to us via marriage (I now have more brothers and a sister!).  Then there are those people who make us feel loved (and who we love back of course) who treat you like one of "the family".

Today Andrew, myself, and Ellie Bear went to Betty & David Nunnery's house for a lovely lunch.  Jess' parents (aka Mommy & Mr. T) along with her immediate family were also in attendance.  It felt like the Nunnery-Tonnies Christmas that just happened to include a little slice of the Theurer's!  There was a Christmas tree, yummy food, Christmas music, tins filled with goodies, and fudge!  Fudge!

On a side note the master bath has a programable, stainless steel coffee maker and jacuzzi tub. Ooh, I am moving into the Nunnery's master bath.

Andrew got sent to the little kid table with Grant.  He misbehaved. Mike and Josh also ate there.

The rest of us got to eat at the "Adult" table: Linda, Betty, Jess, Alicia, and Hella.  Not pictured: David & Paul

Bert (after Albert Pujols, sigh) and Dakota wanted to join us so badly.  We should have brought the Sophie Puppy.  She would have gotten worn out.

Ellie just loves all the attention from the "Grandmas".  Ellie Bellie also loved hanging out with Paw-Paw David but I failed to get a picture.  Awa Grandma must be jealous :-P

Aunties Alicia and Hella, visiting from Tucson, gave Bear-Bear a grand tour of the house.

Here are the girls, Alicia and Jess, doing all the work of putting the toys together while the boys watch.

Boys will be boys will all of their toy cars and racing.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 21, 2009

12.21.09 Weighty Measures

Head-to-Head: Grace Baby and Ellie Bear in Tummy Time.

On the ___ day of DIY Christmas my true love gave to me. . .


Ack! No Andrew did not suddenly take up sewing but he did pay for above mentioned product.  Today he went a boy's, I mean manly, road trip to Lockhart. There he & the manly men gorged on remarkable BBQ at the famous Kreuz Market.  No utensils allowed to devour the fabulous sausage and moist tasty brisket.  Oh and the cheese!  Afterwards they went on to Shiner, TX to experience beer.  Shiner Beer.  This eatery was started in 1900 and has been passed down through the generations.  This most recent generation got into a big fight in 1999.  One sibling, Nina, got the building and called the place Smitty's while the brother kept the name Kreuz but moved to a location down the street.  Shiner is both a beer and a city of Texas. The brewery is called Spoetzl and offers tours daily.  The city of Shiner has roughly a population of 2000.

Okay, back the the matter of jeans.  I had one pair that fit up until today.  Going to a mall just before Christmas was risking what was left of my sanity, but it needed to be done.  Walking around pants-less is not an option.  Pregnancy and childbirth are beautiful, wonderful, joyful little miracles that beat the crap out of your body.  How is it that I can be the same weight post-partum as I was before I got pregnant with Ellie and yet none of my clothes fit??? Ha!  It is a trick of nature!  Shirts don't fit because the Pam Anderson fairy visited me.  Thank you!  This is one gift I am happy to keep.  The wider hips and beer gut--not so much.  This just reminds me that weight is just a number.

Fortunately for all of you, I am going to leave out most of the venting on how is it that each style of jeans in the same brand can have the sizing so messed up--ie I wear  X in Boot cut, size Y in straight leg, and size Z in Classic cut?  I guess both size and weight are just numbers.  It just means that there is no regulation to the clothing industry and poor Ellie Bear has to suffer through me trying on 20 pairs of jeans to find the right style and size.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

12.19.09 On the ? Day of Christmas

Sorry, I lost track of what day we are on, but my true love gave to me . . .

a new bathroom faucet.  As of this afternoon, all of the faucets in this house (except for the laundry room one) has been replaced.  The ducky bath faucet had been leaking for a while and my father jokingly requested that the faucet end up on the DIY list.  Well, it was already on there!  In fact, we bought this faucet from Costco for a whopping $25 more than a year ago.

Sophie decided to be a puppy plumbing apprentice.  She thought that her assistance was greatly needed. What plumber doesn't need a good face licking?

Ta-Da!  Faucet is in.  Now let's just hope it works. . . The last time Andrew replaced a bathroom faucet, I got a new countertop out of it. No so this time, but that is okay.

Now you know I could not write an entire post without mentioning Baby Bear.  Yes, I am obsessed but most new mommies are bit obsessed with their precious little snot-nosed darlings :-P

This is what Ellie thinks of her physical therapy.

"Ooh, I just love tummy time!  I'm so happy. I'm so happy. Lalala."

"Why yes, I am a hoot just like my mommy :-P  What do you mean I am supposed to be bringing my hands to midline while holding a toy in the assisted back-lying position?  Who needs toys when these fingers are so tasty. Nom nom."

Friday, December 18, 2009

12.18.09 Postpartum Depression

Yes, I know that the title is a real kill joy, but it needs to be discussed.  Or I at least need to blog about it.  I said that this blog was about our family and it would be rude of me to not look into this topic. 

I now have proud ownership of the label, I mean diagnosis, of postpartum depression.  No, I am not a danger to myself, Ellie, or others.  Well, crazy Christmas shoppers possibly, but seeing as I am done with the Holiday shopping even those people are safe.

As many of you females and possibly males know, hormones play a big roll in mood and well reproduction/fertility.  There are surges of certain hormones during pregnancy and surges of others afterwards, aka postpartum period.  Some hormones are suppressed such as the thyroid hormone.  Do not worry!  I will not detail the hormones/NTs like estrogen, oxytocin, progesterone, serotonin, or norepinephrine.  Just recognize that the brain chemicals play a role.  

Anyway, sometimes I feel like my brain chemicals and hormones are confused.  I find myself at times crying for no apparent reason and yet an hour later I feel energized and all is right with the world.  Other times I feel like an incompetent parent.  How can I take care of this little baby?  Especially when I forget things like leaving the milk on the counter and putting my keys in the fridge.  Then the animals.  I forgot that I left Sophie outside and Tama is in the closet.  Augh!  Sometimes all I want is a nap.  Yet at the chance to get a nap all I do is have thoughts of what needs to be done. . .  or I relive receiving Ellie’s diagnosis.  Actually that is a big one.  Is it possible to have post-traumatic stress due to birth?  I relive that diagnosis part over and over again.  I also relive Rodeo’s death as well.  I miss him so much. . . 

Fortunately I recognized that I am having issues and sought help in several forms.
1. Lexapro which is great for depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder.  It works on the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine.
2. Playgroup:  I love my playgroup.  They are wonderful mothers who provide reliable support.  They listen and provide great advice.  They also have adorable babies and who doesn't feel better when they see a smiling happy baby?
3. Andrew & Family & Friends: they understand that I am not myself and are trying to help me cope.
4. Ellie Bear's smiles.

The numbers:
Approximately 10-15% of new moms will experience postpartum depression
Moms are at a higher risk if they have experience previous episodes of depression or mental illness
Other risk factors include but are not limited to unplanned pregnancy, major life changes such as a death in the family or move, depression during pregnancy, postpartum depression with previous pregnancy, and low social support.

If celebrities are important to you--not confirmed but found during a Google search:
Brook Shields
Marie Osmond
Catherine Zeta Jones
Courtney Cox
Amanda Peet

Support & Info:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

12.16.09 Happy 3 Months Ellie

We celebrated Ellie's 3 months mark by having Cookies with Santa!  Little Prancer was asleep for most of it --most likely the result of too many donuts and hot cocoa.  Or maybe from the excitement of seeing her boss Santa.

Here is my buddy Amanda from Sewing Group with her kids Saffron & Wednesday (to the far right).

This event helped me teach little Bear about true meaning of Christmas--Santa, cookies, and presents.   Oh just kidding!  It was a good time for everyone.  Ellie and Noble got to hang out together on the big chair.  Noble is the little guy trying to share (see that is a part of Christmas--sharinging) his food with Ellie.

Ellie especially enjoyed getting her first present from Santa!  A Sandra Boynton book called My Personal Penguin.  If you have never heard of Sandra Boynton, we sure to look into her books.  My Godson Grant and my little niece Riley love her books.  "Moo Ba La La", "The Belly Button Book", Pajama Time", etc.  I personally like the "Philadelphia Chickens" book because it comes with a CD.  Ellie likes the all of the songs and laughs when she hears them.  Okay, sorry off the topic.  The Breakfast with Santa was a success and now Prancer is all tuckered out which gives me a chance to write the blog :-)

In case you are wondering what my true love gave to me . . .more baseboards :-P

Monday, December 14, 2009

12.14.09 On the 8th Day of Christmas

my true love gave to me. . .

A happy baby!

This is Andrew dancing with Ellie to "We are cows" from the Sandra Boynton book/CD Philadelphia Chickens.  Sorry about the lighting. . .not so good at photoshop.

And, you guessed it.  More baseboards!  Can you tell that we were missing a lot of baseboards?  These latest ones are particularly complicated.

On a side note.  When I mentioned that I work by taking care of the baby and pets and manage the household Troy replies with "You are a domestic engineer".  I like that.  Stay-at-Home-Moms  = Domestic Engineers.  When I later told Andrew about this, he said "I thought you were a Domestic Goddess?"  Oh Drew-Drewbie how I love you.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Merry Birthday Christmas Party

Happy Birthday Rico!  The food was fabulous and thank you for the tasty smoked brisket.  Carlyn, thank you for the amazing Rudy's-like creamed corn and delightful sweet potatoes.  Michelle, you are the best coffee and hot chocolate fairy ever!

Here is a picture of the birthday boy Rico and Lady Michelle

This is Ellie Bear getting ready for the big party.

Ellie demanded lots of attention from everyone and refused to sleep.  Here is Andrew doing the "So Big" while Bear-Bear is standing.  See how good she is at putting weight on her legs.

Ellie Bear was having a grand ole time with her boyfriend Teddy Graham.  He is dressed as a hedge hog :o)  Ellie borrowed his hat.  She doesn't seem too happy about it even though she likes crazy hats--like that pink one or the long horns bow or the santa hat.

Ellies says "That's it!  Enough with the Paparazzi.  I am done!"

For more photos of the party, they will be available shortly on Facebook.

12.13.09 On the 7th Day of Christmas

my true love gave to me. . .

roller pancakes aka crepes  . . . and more baseboards.  He also helped our dear neighbors with fixing a water leak.

Everyone should see Drew-Drew make roller pancakes.  He can flip the crepe with just the flick of a wrist.  Gordon Ramsey look out!  It is so hot :o)

Today was supposed to be a PJ day and it was.  For Ellie only.  I cleaned.  Andrew did home improvement. Then we both went to Target on a weekend during the Holiday season.  What were we thinking?  That being said all of our Christmas shopping (and grocery shopping.  Yay for Super Target) is completed!

We are going to a Christmas party!  It is our buddy Rico's birthday and Rico & Michelle have decided to make it a Merry Birthday party.  Tama spent the afternoon trying to break into Rico's birthday present.  She has a thing for tissue paper and bags.  Ellie Bear-Bear has several Christmas outfits.  We are slowly working our way through them.  Today it was freaking hot so I think we are going with the most light-weight dress complete with red-&-white stockings.  Andrew and I will not be as festive.  Jeans.  Possibly a green or red shirt.  I have Santa socks with little pom-poms on the hats and I did apply some make-up.

A special thanks for Jess and Grantman for the delightful cookies.

Note: Will post pics of Ellie in dress as well at party pics in tomorrow's entry.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

12.12.09 On the 6th Day of Christmas

my true love did for me. . .
More baseboards!  and caulking.

Boy is honeybuns working a lot on his vacation.  Guess who will be patching the nail holes and painting the baseboards?  That's right!  Me!  Fair warning, it will not happen for a while because I have a baby to care for and I am studying for my pediatric NP boards recertification.  Baby good :-)  Boards suck.

Baby Drews is the greatest husband ever.  He may even be the male version of Martha Stewart or maybe a Mr. Clean. 

1. Fashionista Daddy. Babycakes spit up the other day on her jammies.  Andrew picked out a cute outfit for Ellie and then, get this, put on coordinating socks!  

2. Chef Drewbie.  I cannot cook.  Everyone knows this.  I mess up chicken.  However I can bake.  Andrew can BBQ.  He can smoke a brisket and produce ribs that put Rudy's, Pok-E-Joes, and Mann's to shame.  Yet I learned something new.  Andrew can cook.   He has made crepes for breakfast.  He can flip those little puppies in the pan with just the flick of his wrist.  Also, last night he labored for an hour to make sour-cream chicken enchiladas.  I do not like Tex-Mex food but this was delightful and I wanted seconds.  Uh-huh.  That good.  He used a rotisserie chicken and then made this amazing sour cream tomatillo sauce.    

3. Laundry King.  No he doesn't do the laundry most of the time.  I do but . . .We had been giving little Bear some prune juice due to some GI issues.  She spit it up on her little onsie and then prune juice worked its magic and there was a big blow out.  Andrew looked at the onsie and said "oh we should throw that away".  I balked and guess what, Andrew not only touched the garment but actually cleaned it and got all of the prune juice and poopy stains out!  Mr. Clean Mr. Clean.

Crazy cats.  My dear sister-in-law Michele was very generous in lending us her bouncy chair.  Ellie loves it and likes to "talk" to the green elephant that hangs off of the bar.  She even tries to bat at it.  The cats like the bouncy chair.  I have caught both of them sleeping in it.  Amelie has taken it one step further.  She figured out how to turn it on vibrate and then gets in the chair to sleep.  That little booger is running down the batteries.

Friday, December 11, 2009

12/11/09 On the 4th & 5th Days of Christmas

my true love gave to me. . .

Baseboards in the back hallway!  Tama Boo and Sophie Paws supervised apparently.  The baseboards around the vent required a fair amount of carpentry I am told.

Why hello everyone.  This is Ellie Bellie of the Bearity-Bears just writing to say Happy Holiday's to everyone.  This morning Mommy dragged me out into the cold for the church Mother's Group Christmas meeting.  There were cookies!  Cookies!  Ellie wants cookies but I keep getting formula.  Humph!

Bear-Bear likes these meetings because I get all dressed up--this outfit courtesy of Awa Grandma and socks from Mama Dunja.  Then I get to visit with lots of people who smile and talk to me.  Mommy told me that I have no manners though.  I was practicing my talking during prayer group by saying "oooh oooh, and ack!".  I figured that it was better than the loud burp I let rip the last time.

Ellie Bellie likes to hang out with Baby Grace.  Check out her photo below.  She had a really nifty jacket with ears on it.  That is so cool.  Instead I had to wear a Santa hat and people think I might be a boy when they see me.  Still, I was sporting a really cool coordinated shirt and bell-bottom-like pant set with cute velvety ruffles so that definitely made me feel pretty. --Ellie Bellie Bear-Bear

Okay, I am back.  I am asking for thoughts (if you do not pray or are non-religious) and&/or prayers for 4 of my friends.  For confidentiality reasons, I am not saying too much:
Two of my friends have children who medical issues.  One of my friends had unexpected surgery.  Another is expecting her first baby but recently had to give up the foster child she was going to adopt to an ill-equiped relative.

Now I will end with a happy picture

Happy Holidays

May you all have a wonderful, safe, healthy, and relaxing Holiday season full of laughter, love, and copious amounts of coffee!