Friday, December 11, 2009

12/11/09 On the 4th & 5th Days of Christmas

my true love gave to me. . .

Baseboards in the back hallway!  Tama Boo and Sophie Paws supervised apparently.  The baseboards around the vent required a fair amount of carpentry I am told.

Why hello everyone.  This is Ellie Bellie of the Bearity-Bears just writing to say Happy Holiday's to everyone.  This morning Mommy dragged me out into the cold for the church Mother's Group Christmas meeting.  There were cookies!  Cookies!  Ellie wants cookies but I keep getting formula.  Humph!

Bear-Bear likes these meetings because I get all dressed up--this outfit courtesy of Awa Grandma and socks from Mama Dunja.  Then I get to visit with lots of people who smile and talk to me.  Mommy told me that I have no manners though.  I was practicing my talking during prayer group by saying "oooh oooh, and ack!".  I figured that it was better than the loud burp I let rip the last time.

Ellie Bellie likes to hang out with Baby Grace.  Check out her photo below.  She had a really nifty jacket with ears on it.  That is so cool.  Instead I had to wear a Santa hat and people think I might be a boy when they see me.  Still, I was sporting a really cool coordinated shirt and bell-bottom-like pant set with cute velvety ruffles so that definitely made me feel pretty. --Ellie Bellie Bear-Bear

Okay, I am back.  I am asking for thoughts (if you do not pray or are non-religious) and&/or prayers for 4 of my friends.  For confidentiality reasons, I am not saying too much:
Two of my friends have children who medical issues.  One of my friends had unexpected surgery.  Another is expecting her first baby but recently had to give up the foster child she was going to adopt to an ill-equiped relative.

Now I will end with a happy picture


  1. Thank you.
    Please tell Jess I want to pinch baby Grace's cheeks.
    Grace, you have been warned. ;)

  2. I loved all the pics! I also love Ellie's narrative:-) I agree with Maria--Grace has pinchable cheeks. She looks like her daddy in that pic.
    Awa Grandma


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