Wednesday, December 16, 2009

12.16.09 Happy 3 Months Ellie

We celebrated Ellie's 3 months mark by having Cookies with Santa!  Little Prancer was asleep for most of it --most likely the result of too many donuts and hot cocoa.  Or maybe from the excitement of seeing her boss Santa.

Here is my buddy Amanda from Sewing Group with her kids Saffron & Wednesday (to the far right).

This event helped me teach little Bear about true meaning of Christmas--Santa, cookies, and presents.   Oh just kidding!  It was a good time for everyone.  Ellie and Noble got to hang out together on the big chair.  Noble is the little guy trying to share (see that is a part of Christmas--sharinging) his food with Ellie.

Ellie especially enjoyed getting her first present from Santa!  A Sandra Boynton book called My Personal Penguin.  If you have never heard of Sandra Boynton, we sure to look into her books.  My Godson Grant and my little niece Riley love her books.  "Moo Ba La La", "The Belly Button Book", Pajama Time", etc.  I personally like the "Philadelphia Chickens" book because it comes with a CD.  Ellie likes the all of the songs and laughs when she hears them.  Okay, sorry off the topic.  The Breakfast with Santa was a success and now Prancer is all tuckered out which gives me a chance to write the blog :-)

In case you are wondering what my true love gave to me . . .more baseboards :-P

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  1. And I can recite all of the Sandra Boynton books line by line from memory Riley likes them so much.


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