Saturday, December 19, 2009

12.19.09 On the ? Day of Christmas

Sorry, I lost track of what day we are on, but my true love gave to me . . .

a new bathroom faucet.  As of this afternoon, all of the faucets in this house (except for the laundry room one) has been replaced.  The ducky bath faucet had been leaking for a while and my father jokingly requested that the faucet end up on the DIY list.  Well, it was already on there!  In fact, we bought this faucet from Costco for a whopping $25 more than a year ago.

Sophie decided to be a puppy plumbing apprentice.  She thought that her assistance was greatly needed. What plumber doesn't need a good face licking?

Ta-Da!  Faucet is in.  Now let's just hope it works. . . The last time Andrew replaced a bathroom faucet, I got a new countertop out of it. No so this time, but that is okay.

Now you know I could not write an entire post without mentioning Baby Bear.  Yes, I am obsessed but most new mommies are bit obsessed with their precious little snot-nosed darlings :-P

This is what Ellie thinks of her physical therapy.

"Ooh, I just love tummy time!  I'm so happy. I'm so happy. Lalala."

"Why yes, I am a hoot just like my mommy :-P  What do you mean I am supposed to be bringing my hands to midline while holding a toy in the assisted back-lying position?  Who needs toys when these fingers are so tasty. Nom nom."


  1. Hurray for having unleaky faucets! Dad is going to print out the pic:-P Gotta love the pic of Sophie helping:-) I'm going to have to show JMA the pics of Ellie in her "I'm a hoot just like mommy" shirt.

  2. I love the tummy time picture! I wonder what is up next on the 12 days of DIY Christmas.


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