Tuesday, December 1, 2009

12.1.09 Eyes of Prey

Today Ellie and I went to the ophthalmologist and Bear-Bear was a super star.  She was wide awake and talking to the doctor.  He couldn't believe how alert she was seeing as she is only 2.5 months old.

I wasn't really sure what was going to happen seeing as Ellie cannot really read a Snellen eye chart yet.  Basically Dr. B used the ophthalmoscope to check her eyes, he used an annoying Elmo toy to see if she could track, and he dilated her eyes using a spray mist of dye & his fancy eye machine to look at her retinas and whatnot.  I wish my eye doctor used a spray mist instead of those annoying drops.

Dr. B asked me if Ellie had any eye issues and I told him she has bilateral dacrostenosis.  He sort of looked at me funny and said, "you must be in the medical field" (it is sort of like how her pediatrician asked me what I have diagnosed Ellie with and treated in the past month--she is my daughter, not my patient).  Dacrostenosis is narrowing of the tear duct.  It is very common in babies and typically resolves itself within 6 months.  If not, then a stent can be placed in the tear duct around 1 year of age.

Ellie Bellie Bear-Bear looks really good according to the doctor.  The dacrostenosis is very mild and will probably resolve on is own.  She is still at risk for nystagmus which is a fancy way of saying involuntary eye movements.  It is typically seen by the time they are 4 months of age so we have 1.5 months left.  Dr. B stated that nothing is usually done for nystagmus but that if it is bad then eye muscle surgery can be performed.  He said that 1/3 of children with DS can have a lazy eye (strabismus) or nystagmus.

For those of you who read John Stanford, Eyes of Prey is my favorite book in his Prey series.

Well, I am off in search of hot cocoa.  It is finally cold.  Well not really--it is 43 degrees, but I finally got to put the car seat snuggie from Auntiemom Megan on the car seat carrier to keep Bear-Bear warm and I needed a jacket.  It is also more socially acceptable for me to be listening to Bing, Burl Ives, and Manheim Steamroller.

Tonight Andrew, Ellie, and I are off to meet with Deacon Dan to discuss Baptism.  Cross your fingers that Dcn Dan remembers to show up to our appt. :-P

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