Wednesday, December 30, 2009

12.30.09 Step On A Crack, Break Your Mother's Back

Snug-A-Bug Ellie

Remember how I wanted my PCP's office to be open on Christmas Eve?  Um, nevermind.  I think I need to switch primary care providers.  The doctor is either omnipotent or asking for a malpractice suit.

While my back was/is steadily improving, I went to my primary care doctor's office yesterday morning as a follow-up to Urgent Care.

My appointment went something like this:

Doc: What brings you here today?

Anna: I hurt my lower back on 12/23.  I went to Urgent Care. . . 

Doc: Where does it hurt? Does it go down the leg?

Anna: [points to lower back] I think it might be because I just had a baby and. . . 

Doc: Yes, the ligaments are loose due to the baby.  You have a muscle sprain.

Anna: I 've tried a muscle relaxer and Urgent. . .

Doc: You must be careful how you bend over the crib and pick up the baby.  Go slow and think about the movement.  {writes prescription for muscle relaxer and for Loratab}

Never once did he let me finish a sentence.  He did not ask me about my Urgent Care visit.  Otherwise he would have known that I was ALREADY taking Loratab and a muscle relaxer.  He never even looked at my back. He didn't ask what I had tried for my back, what meds I was taking, my allergies, etc.  I am allergic to NSAIDs which covers many types of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain medications.  AUGH!

Urgent Care at least checked my back and associated joints.  Tested me for a UTI and for infection.

Tomorrow, I am off to the chiropractor.

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