Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Family Ties

There is family and then there is family.  There is obviously the family that ties us together due to genetic chemistry and sharing of chromosomal material.  Then we add in those legally bound to us via marriage (I now have more brothers and a sister!).  Then there are those people who make us feel loved (and who we love back of course) who treat you like one of "the family".

Today Andrew, myself, and Ellie Bear went to Betty & David Nunnery's house for a lovely lunch.  Jess' parents (aka Mommy & Mr. T) along with her immediate family were also in attendance.  It felt like the Nunnery-Tonnies Christmas that just happened to include a little slice of the Theurer's!  There was a Christmas tree, yummy food, Christmas music, tins filled with goodies, and fudge!  Fudge!

On a side note the master bath has a programable, stainless steel coffee maker and jacuzzi tub. Ooh, I am moving into the Nunnery's master bath.

Andrew got sent to the little kid table with Grant.  He misbehaved. Mike and Josh also ate there.

The rest of us got to eat at the "Adult" table: Linda, Betty, Jess, Alicia, and Hella.  Not pictured: David & Paul

Bert (after Albert Pujols, sigh) and Dakota wanted to join us so badly.  We should have brought the Sophie Puppy.  She would have gotten worn out.

Ellie just loves all the attention from the "Grandmas".  Ellie Bellie also loved hanging out with Paw-Paw David but I failed to get a picture.  Awa Grandma must be jealous :-P

Aunties Alicia and Hella, visiting from Tucson, gave Bear-Bear a grand tour of the house.

Here are the girls, Alicia and Jess, doing all the work of putting the toys together while the boys watch.

Boys will be boys will all of their toy cars and racing.

Happy Holidays!

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