Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Merry Birthday Christmas Party

Happy Birthday Rico!  The food was fabulous and thank you for the tasty smoked brisket.  Carlyn, thank you for the amazing Rudy's-like creamed corn and delightful sweet potatoes.  Michelle, you are the best coffee and hot chocolate fairy ever!

Here is a picture of the birthday boy Rico and Lady Michelle

This is Ellie Bear getting ready for the big party.

Ellie demanded lots of attention from everyone and refused to sleep.  Here is Andrew doing the "So Big" while Bear-Bear is standing.  See how good she is at putting weight on her legs.

Ellie Bear was having a grand ole time with her boyfriend Teddy Graham.  He is dressed as a hedge hog :o)  Ellie borrowed his hat.  She doesn't seem too happy about it even though she likes crazy hats--like that pink one or the long horns bow or the santa hat.

Ellies says "That's it!  Enough with the Paparazzi.  I am done!"

For more photos of the party, they will be available shortly on Facebook.

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