Saturday, December 12, 2009

12.12.09 On the 6th Day of Christmas

my true love did for me. . .
More baseboards!  and caulking.

Boy is honeybuns working a lot on his vacation.  Guess who will be patching the nail holes and painting the baseboards?  That's right!  Me!  Fair warning, it will not happen for a while because I have a baby to care for and I am studying for my pediatric NP boards recertification.  Baby good :-)  Boards suck.

Baby Drews is the greatest husband ever.  He may even be the male version of Martha Stewart or maybe a Mr. Clean. 

1. Fashionista Daddy. Babycakes spit up the other day on her jammies.  Andrew picked out a cute outfit for Ellie and then, get this, put on coordinating socks!  

2. Chef Drewbie.  I cannot cook.  Everyone knows this.  I mess up chicken.  However I can bake.  Andrew can BBQ.  He can smoke a brisket and produce ribs that put Rudy's, Pok-E-Joes, and Mann's to shame.  Yet I learned something new.  Andrew can cook.   He has made crepes for breakfast.  He can flip those little puppies in the pan with just the flick of his wrist.  Also, last night he labored for an hour to make sour-cream chicken enchiladas.  I do not like Tex-Mex food but this was delightful and I wanted seconds.  Uh-huh.  That good.  He used a rotisserie chicken and then made this amazing sour cream tomatillo sauce.    

3. Laundry King.  No he doesn't do the laundry most of the time.  I do but . . .We had been giving little Bear some prune juice due to some GI issues.  She spit it up on her little onsie and then prune juice worked its magic and there was a big blow out.  Andrew looked at the onsie and said "oh we should throw that away".  I balked and guess what, Andrew not only touched the garment but actually cleaned it and got all of the prune juice and poopy stains out!  Mr. Clean Mr. Clean.

Crazy cats.  My dear sister-in-law Michele was very generous in lending us her bouncy chair.  Ellie loves it and likes to "talk" to the green elephant that hangs off of the bar.  She even tries to bat at it.  The cats like the bouncy chair.  I have caught both of them sleeping in it.  Amelie has taken it one step further.  She figured out how to turn it on vibrate and then gets in the chair to sleep.  That little booger is running down the batteries.

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