Friday, December 4, 2009

12.4.09 Sleep or Lack of It

First, I would like to wish my Mom a very happy birthday.

It seems that Andrew and I are both sleep deprived.  Is it from Ellie?  Or is it from Tama meowing to get into the hot tub room?  Or is it from Sophie barking while in her crate?  Or is it from the neighbor's blaring clock radio that he leaves on for over an hour (this neighbor also plays wind instruments at all hours)? I vote for all of these above.

Yesterday I called Sophie by the name of Rodeo, our previous dog.  I then called Ellie Sophie.  After that I called Amelie by the name of Emily.  We do not have or ever had an Emily in our household. Of I do realize that Amelie is the French version of Emily so I technically didn't call her by the wrong name.

Last night I went to a Mother's Night Out.  I was standing next to Jessica who has a little girl named Grace.  I then referred to my child as Grace.  Oh goodness.  I do know who my child is and that her name is Ellie.  It is just that sometimes the wrong name pops out.

It is not just me.  Andrew is always saying "I put her in the crate" when referring to Ellie.  Stop!  Do not call Child Protective Services.  We do not crate our child.  He meant the crib.  Sophie goes in the crate.  Although it would be kind of funny if he swaddled Ellie and placed her in the crate--it is a safe & warm environment.
Today's photos are in loving memory of our puppy Rodeo.

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  1. Don't fret about it. Whenever Haleigh and my niece Hannah are together, I constantly call each of them the other name. Or, when I'm talking to Hannah's mom. Not sure why . . .


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