Sunday, December 27, 2009

12.27.09 Oh PCP Oh PCP . . .

how I wish you were open on Christmas Eve.  My baaaccck reeaaallly hurts.  I need an office visit oh so bad.  Oh PCP oh PCP. . .

Note: PCP = primary care provider

Once upon a time, during the summer of 2008, I injured my lower back picking up a pair of pants.  Laying on the floor, pantsless, I crawled to the phone and called crying to Andrew.  My prince charming swooped in and carried me into Dr. Joe's.  Dear Joe had one of my coworkers stab me with a large needle to deliver steroids and then he gave me muscle relaxers.  Eventually I was able to resume normal exercise with yoga and pilates.

A few months later, I became pregnant and Ellie Bear liked to hibernate on the right side of my uterus.  Oh right-sided sacroiliac/back pain how I loathe thee.  I learned the power of ice packs, heating pads, tylenol, and modified yoga.   I also learned that pregnancy can cause the middle of your abdominal muscles to split.  I am still waiting to learn about when they fuse again.

Then on 9/15/09 I went into labor. . . BACK LABOR.  Oh the pain, but I gained Ellie Bear a few hours later on 9.16.09.

Twas the night before Christmas Eve and the back pain strikes again.  I was naughty and took my old muscle relaxers and some Advil.  Used a heating pad.  Evil back pain persisted into Christmas Eve. In tears, unable to life my darling baby and unable to reach up to give a smack-a-roo to Mr. Sexy Drew, I called the nurse line to my doctor.  Unbeknownst to me, the office was closed.  Oh Urgent Care how I needed you.  Oh Urgent Care, you provide crappy care.  I am tested for infections of the bladder and kidney and told it is muscle strain.  He hands me a script for narcotic pain medicine.  I ask him about steroids and he says I don't need them.  Huh?  Oh yes, I would love to spend Christmas with the family all drugged up, in pain, and unable to drive, drink wine, etc.

Cue in Mr. Josh Tonnies, Jess' baby brother.  Josh is almost a full blown chiropractor.  What heat, ice, massage, muscle relaxers, resting, and anti-inflammatory pain meds & narcotics cannot do is readjust the pelvic-sacroilliac region.  After Ellie's baptism--pictures on a later post, Josh worked on my back and fixed the right side.  I am thankful that Andrew didn't walk in during this adjustment because I imagine it looked like we were misbehaving.  Chiropracting is very intimate work!  Okay, anyway the left side and center still hurt.   That doctor's office better be open tomorrow.  I want to be able to hold Ellie without help.

I do not think Ellie had lack of people to hold her . . .

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