Sunday, March 15, 2015

World Down Syndrome Day 2015 : a celebration

This little post will be short and sweet as I believe pictures speak louder than words.  This brief slide show is in honor of individuals with Down syndrome as we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day this upcoming March 21, 2015, but is also really for my daughter Ellie Marie.

Growing up, I knew a tiny bit about Down syndrome as my Aunt Peggy had Ds.  Now, having my own child with Down syndrome, I am learning new things every day - as a mother in general as well as by navigating the special needs world.  Our children are unique individuals who will become contributing members of society.  Make no doubt about it.  While today we promote Down syndrome awareness, I have learned through this whole parenting thing, that while Ellie rocks an extra chromosome, the syndrome is not who she is nor does it define her.  Ellie is Ellie and as a society, we need to be see the value of and accept all individuals of all abilities in their awesome uniqueness.

For those who just learned that your baby may have Down syndrome . . .

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