Tuesday, November 3, 2009

11.3.09 Monkey Business

Dear Mommy,

I kindly request that you stop taking all of these photos of me. Yes, I understand that you think I am the cutest baby ever, but you need to really stop monkeying around. You dress me in all of these adorable clothes which I do appreciate since a girl has to look her best, but seriously, all of the flashing of the lights and posing is getting real old. As I am sure you can tell by the one photo, I am not happy with all of this monkey business.

Love your favorite daughter,
Ellie Bear

We have had a busy day (aside from taking the daily photo). This morning we went to play group with Danor. Again, it was just the two of us and our babies and since it was so nice out, we went to a park near our houses. I brought a blanket and Ellie demonstrated her amazing head lifting skills and tried in earnest to flip herself over. Danor and I lost track of time and before we knew it was lunch time. All four of us, Danor & Noble, myself & Ellie went to Quiznos. When I was pregnant I had this huge craving for the chicken carbonara sandwich on wheat bread. I was a regular. So when I went in this time with Ellie Bear, the manager was so excited.

This is something Andrew is proud of. Last night during playtime Ellie grabbed onto Andrew's finger. As she pulled on his thumb, she farted. Yes, our little darling is super talented and is already doing the "pull my finger"jokes!

Sophie is a little stinker. We have one of those plastic play-yards in our bedroom to contain our rambunctious puppy while we are gone. This morning I put Sophie in her play-yard and went to the kitchen to get some of her toys. I turn around and there is my dog in the kitchen. Yep, she jumped over the play-yard. I took her back to the bedroom and into the play-yard. She jumped again before I could leave for playgroup. I guess my little puppy is all grown up and thinks she should be in the Olympics for jumping hurdles.

Tomorrow is Amelie's surgery so cross your fingers that all goes well.

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  1. Please don't stop taking pictures. The cutest baby in the world needs to be documented.

    good luck to Amelie!


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