Sunday, November 29, 2009

11.29.09 Where Everybody Knows Your Name

No, we did not go to Cheers even though we once walked by one in Mittenwald, Germany.  We went to Hoovers Southern Cookie, but more about that later.

I finally got onto the iMac!  Yay!  It is pretty and bright and organized nicely, which given my Type A, obsessive compulsive personality type is rather impressive.  So score one for Apple.  (I still refuse to switch my cell phone service back to AT&T which means no iPhone for Andrew or me--again, another long story but lets just say a few years ago I called the BBB on AT&T).  Anyway, back to getting onto the iMac . . .I am still trying to figure things out and one of them is the iPhoto.  I shall experiment with that on today's blog post.  I took pics of Ellie Bear talking to me.  She makes the cutest faces and yes, I know that I am biased as her mother but she really is the cutest baby ever!

Yesterday I performed "Operation Snowman".  It is official, Christmas decorations are in every nook and cranny.  Well, sort of.  I couldn't put all of them out because I have a puppy.  Yes, I know that I have a child, but she isn't walking yet.  Sophie is a climber.  She thinks she is a cat.  The other day I found Amelie and Sophie lying on the guest bed and Tama up on the desk next to the guest bed where Papa C & Mama D were sleeping.  They were just having a grand ole merry time like it was perfectly acceptable to have a dog on the bed and a cat on a desk.  It should also be noted that one of the cats decided to "file" some of Andrew's paperwork.  We are working on this but at this point Andrew and I are ready for overnight obedience camp.  Ooh, Snoppy Vs. the Red Baron just came on from my iTunes Christmas playlist!

As some of you know, Andrew and I can be creatures of habit.  Almost weekly we go to Hoovers on Saturday morning for breakfast. Yes, I know today is Sunday. Anyway, we always order the same thing and typically Derek is out waiter.  Since we had Ellie, we have been going earlier in the morning when Derek is not in for work yet.  Now, I know that this may come as a shock to many of you, but I am a talker.  Yes, I know, surprising isn't it?  Thus far we have made buddies with Elizabeth and with Sheila.  (We did become buds with Nicole but she quit and moved to a different restaurant). Today Andrew and I woke up late (okay, I was up at 5am but went back to bed) and said "we can finally see Derek!".  We get to Hoovers, but Derek is running late.   Elizabeth approached us and said that we have been requested to sit at Table 14--the table next to our good friend Troy.  Derek comes in and talks to us for about 20 minutes.  While talking to us Sheila comes up to him and goes "this is the couple I told you about!".  Hum, I guess that means they talk about us when we are not there :-P  Ellie Bellie Bear-Bear has become famous seeing as Elizabeth, Derek, and Sheila all kept coming over throughout the meal to see her.  In fact, Sheila got to hold Ellie.  Then this other table came over with their two kids named Ally and Izzy to see "the baby" (obviously a look but do not touch thing).  There is a problem however.  I talk so much that I forget to eat and Andrew is practically done way before I have even started on my sweet potato pancake (yet I would have had 2 cups of coffee already).

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