Tuesday, November 17, 2009

11.17.09 Two Month Well Child Check

This morning Ellie Bear-Bear and I met up with play-group buddy Judith and Baby Brennan. We had a fabulous time at Starbucks. Both Ellie and Brennan were making silly faces with Judith and I consumed large amounts of caffeine to get us through the day.

Babycakes is so much better at directing her fingers or thumb into her mouth. She occasionally misses and ends up whacking herself in the nose or eye but she her accuracy is improving. She is also starting to become much more in tune with her surroundings. I typically read books to her during her feedings but the other day she wouldn't eat because she was too enthralled with "Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear?". No multi-tasking for Ellie.

Ellie had her two month appt. this afternoon. It was her first set of shots. Wah! She handled them beautifully. She did some screaming with a look of "oh mommy, why" and then fell asleep. When the pediatrician picked up Ellie to set her on the exam table, Ellie immediately put her legs down and her weight on her legs. The doctor was impressed. Then Ellie showed off her Olympic-in-training head lifting skills while on tummy and the pedi goes "oh goodness, she is doing better than most of my 2 month-olds". We are so proud of and amazed with our little Bear-Bear!

Her numbers on a regular growth chart:
Wt: 10lb 3 oz (completely naked) or 45%
Length: 22.25 in or 50%
Head Circ: 36.5 cm or 15%

You know I never even made it onto the growth chart until high school. Ellie Bear is already surpassing my expectations :o)

While Ellie inherited Daddy's chubby cheeks she inherited my sensitive Irish skin. A few days ago my little princess broke out with a rash on her tummy. It has since improved but has spread to arms, legs, back, neck, cheeks, and scalp. I thought it might be a contact dermatitis but could not figure out to what. I rewashed all of her clothing and gave her a bath without soap the other day with no relief. Today the pedi and I decided that it is atophic dermatitis aka eczema. I guess I need to whip out the Eucerin cream.

I happened to be one of the lucky few people who got the H1N1 injectable vaccine. The vaccine is very hard to find in Texas and the injectable is almost nonexistent. My doctor only received 10 doses to use at his discretion. Originally they were not going to give it to me even though I am a parent to a child under 6 months until the pediatrician said that my daughter has conditions that make her an even higher risk.

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