Monday, November 9, 2009

11.9.09 Pajama Time

Last night Ellie, Andrew, and I celebrated pajama time. Ellie Bear wore her Bear PJs and I wore my coffee PJs. Speaking of which, I need coffee now!

Sophie developed a new game. If I start singing the "Ellie Bear Of Mine" song to Ellie while feeding her, Sophie runs out of the room and returns with a toy. She has learned that I cannot reach the toy if she drops it on the floor while I am holding Ellie. My clever border collie will now drop her toy in the book/toy box next to the rocking chair so that I may play fetch with her while feeding Ellie. If only she would figure out that jumping up is not okay. Any suggestions on breaking this habit? Time outs do not work because she likes them. Obviously scolding doesn't work either.

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