Wednesday, November 4, 2009

11.4.09 Gummy

Ellie Bear Bear had a very big day today. We ate lunch with a new friend of ours at the Hula Hut Cafe. This is a Tex-Mex-Polynesian restaurant just off of Lake Austin. It is owned by the same people who own Chuy's. The weather was gorgeous for November at 77 degrees. Ellie Bear got some Vitamin D while sitting under the tiki hut outdoor eating area next to the Lake. My new friend Jena wanted to kidnap the Bear-Bear but she restrained herself and offered to babysit instead. Yay, date night! Our wonderful waiter kept coming up to Ellie and making all sort of faces at her and she just flirted with him! By the end of the meal, I am pretty sure that every waiter and waitress at the restaurant came to meet "the really cute baby".

Ellie had a breakthrough a few days ago. She can keep a pacifier in her mouth without us holding it for 30 seconds. This is a record because she would always try to suck on the paci, but she was not quite coordinated enough to keep it in her mouth. (I read that sucking on the pacifier might help children with DS to improve &/or maintain oral muscle tone).

Our poor kitty! Amelie had her surgery today and I was a nervous wreck for most of the day. Back in August she lost 8 teeth, but was only scheduled to have 2 removed. Today she was scheduled for 6 extractions but lost 16. Yes, 16 teeth!!!! Typically the teeth behind the canines are removed however all of her canine were so bad that those were removed too. She has only 2 teeth left from what I can tell--some of the lower premolars. Amelie is all gums with lots of stitches and whatnot. She is no longer my little vampire kitty with the canines being pulled. She can, however, still be Andrew's little HEB rotisserie chicken since chickens do not have teeth.

Amelie is doped up on pain meds but seems to be doing better than the last time. Sure, she is still walking around the house all drunk, but she is meowing and wants pets. She already ate 2 tbsp of soft kitty food turkey savory cuts with cheese. Good kitty! Anyone want to invent kitty dentures?

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