Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11.10.09 A Right to Make a Left: Where Are the Jug Handles?

Once upon a time, about 11 years ago, I met my dear friend Jason aka Jay while living in the halls of Warwick in the Quadrangle at The University of Pennsylvania. We were two pensive souls not sure if UPenn was right for us. After a few years, we finally found our way among Arts House at Penn where he became my RA. As we both moved from city to city and went our separate ways, we still managed to stay in contact.

Today we were reunited at the Kerbey Lane Cafe and Ellie Bear showed off her cuteness to my dear friend. He made all sort of happy faces at her and Ellie was just enthralled. For her big outing wth Jason, I tried giving Ellie a mowhawk seeing as she has the perfect hair for one, but I believe she inherited my hair since it rebeled against styling. Instead her hair decided to remain crazy. Sorry, Maria, I tried. Bear Bear also decided that she needed to eat twice while we were at lunch. No wonder Ellie is packing on the ounces! She can be such a little snacker.

I gave Jay directions to Kerbey Lane Cafe. However as you know, Texas infrastructure sucks. (Dad, you need to get down her and fix these roads.) Jason got a little lost. Kerbey Lane used to be located on the other side of Research Blvd and down a few blocks. The GPS in his rental car was not updated so he ended up at the old location which is now Antonio's Mexican Restaurant. Fortunately, Jay arrived safely to the correct location.

This reminds me of the time my brother drove up from Houston after his business trip. He made it out of Houston and all the way to North Austin before he got lost. He exited US-183 at Anderson Lane and not Anderson Mill.

I never imagined that I would say something nice about NJ, but here you have it. Jersey got it right with the jug handles. Why Texas is so fond of U-turns that require crossing 4 lanes of traffic is beyond me. Oh South Jersey, how I sometimes miss you. Uh wait, I do not miss the four modes of transportation or the > 1 hour commute to work which was only 9 miles away.

Photo: notice the kitty cat on the butt of her pants:-)

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  1. When it comes to getting lost in Austin, I feel Jay's pain! Cute pic:-) Jay looks like he knows what he is doing holding the baby. Who'd of thought?!


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