Thursday, November 26, 2009

11.26.09 Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I am thankful for many things: a loving family, Andrew bringing me coffee this morning, Ellie sleeping through the night, my furbabies, good friends, and the safe arrival of my in-laws after battling the evil highways between Dallas & Austin. This is a day that everyone thinks of things to be thankful for but I have lately been doing something called a "Gratitude Journal".  This is also available as in iPod/iPhone application.  I try to do it daily (sort of like this blog) but I ended up doing it maybe every 3rd day.

Ellie Bear woke up and decided to wear her outfit that gives thanks to her Mommy & Daddy (thank you Awa Grandma).  Papa Charles & Mama Dunja drove down from Plano to join us in celebrating Thanksgiving at La Casa DiMarzio aka Rico & Michelle's house where about 36 people--all friends or family dined outside in the beautiful 60-something degree sunny Austin backyard.

Drew-Drew spent 20 hours smoking a 10-pound brisket just for the occasion.  It turned out beautifully and went rather quickly at the Thanksgiving feast.

Rico spent the better part of the day smoking a large turkey and deep frying several turkeys.
Meanwhile, the boys stood around outside, beer in hand, like it was "King of the Hill".  Can you identify which one of them is most like Hank Hill?  Ellie was sleeping with her boyfriend Graham (get your mind out of the gutter!)

Do not think we forgot the furbabies.  Tama and Amelie enjoyed a meal of Friskies Turkey & Cheese while Sophie chowed down on a Kong filled with peanut butter. 

As many people know, well essentially only people in Texas know, today is the UT vs. Aggies (that is Texas A&M for all of you out there).  Ellie Bear is decked out showing her support to the Longhorns. 

Well, I guess Ellie had too much turkey today.

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