Friday, November 20, 2009

Hurrah for the Red & Blue

That's it! I have scientific proof that Ellie Bear is going to Penn just like her Mommy! Darling little Bear Bear has been very cranky all day--I blame the vaccines. Come on antibody development! Anyway, she was fussy until I sang the University of Pennsylvania fight song. She thought it was fun and she especially liked the refrain! Let's go Quakers!

Come all ye loyal classmen now
In hall and campus through,
Lift up your hearts and voices
For the Royal Red and Blue

Fair Harvard has her crimson
Old Yale her colors too,
But for dear Pennsylvania
We wear the Red and Blue.

(Refrain) Hurrah, hurrah Pennsylvania!
Hurrah for the Red and the Blue!
Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah, hurrah,
Hurrah for the Red and Blue!

Yes, I know the the song is cheesy, but hey it was written a very long time ago. What can you expect from the 1st university (Harvard was the first college people, not university)? Penn was founded by Ben Franklin in 1740--hence the Fighting Quakers. Princeton, you are going down!

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