Sunday, November 8, 2009

11.8.09 Mouth on Fire

Yes, I know that I posted this picture previously, but I just love it so much. She looks so happy.

In response to Leslie's comment on the previous post, Ellie weighs over 9 lbs, but is not quite at the 10 lb mark yet. She officially weighs more than our kitty Amelie. The exciting news is that Ellie Bear is getting long. She is almost out of the 0-3 month footed PJs. As for the pants, those are still falling off her. She is by no means chubby (just the chipmunk cheeks) but is rather a skinny little thing. No rolls of chunkiness on this babycake but I do think she is storing acorns in those cheeks.

Today Andrew and I took Ellie to Thai Cuisine. Yes, I know, a real original name there. We had the most amazing crab wantons with a cucumber sweet & sour sauce. Yum! Andrew got some green curry chicken dish and I got my usual chicken satay with peanut sauce. I always order this dish when I go to a Thai restaurant. That being said, I have never been to this particular Thai place before and boy was I in for a shock. The chicken was heavily marinated in curry sauce. For those of you who know me, I do not handle spicy very well. Anything with peppers (table pepper, bell peppers, habaneros, hatch green chiles, etc) or curry is a recipe for disaster for this poor Irish girl who handles bland foods such as the stereo-typical cabbage and potatoes very well. My mouth and throat were on fire! Fortunately my little Honey Drewbie gave me his rice which I mixed with their excellent peanut sauce.

The media room is being updated! For a while now we have been having issues with our receiver and planned on purchasing one back in May for Andrew's birthday. We adopted Sophie Princess Puppy Paw-Paws instead. So for Christmas we decided we would finally buy our new receiver. Well, Andrew bought it and it arrived this week and of course it is now hooked up in the media room. Hum, somebody couldn't wait for Santa. Then Andrew informed me that we needed a new blu-ray player. No, not because it is having issues, but rather because a new and better version is available. I am canceling his subscription to Widescreen Review. That magazine is planting ideas into his head. Mike, I really want to blame you for these electronic upgrades but alas, I cannot.

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