Sunday, October 18, 2009

Best Husband Ever

Okay ladies, if your husband/significant other does not change diapers then you need to get the whip crackin'.

Andrew was being pretty slick in getting away from the diaper changing. Sure, he did do a few potty diapers but nothing too exciting. Then, things changed. A few days ago he was feeding Ellie but she had a big poopy (I am told the largest ever by any baby apparently). It stank so bad that he could not continue to feed her. I walked into the room and Andrew is standing at the changing table, mid-diaper change and goes "I am in over my head". He wasn't. She was just continuing to poop mid-diaper change. Drew-Drew was a champ and successfully got Ellie rediapered and fed.

Since then he has done a few more diaper changes, but today takes the cake. Mid-feeding, Ellie had what us parents like to refer to as "a blow out". Do-do explodes out of the diaper and up the back. Well you get the picture. Most men at this point will pick the baby up and hand her to the mother for cleaning. Andrew did not. In fact, I did not know anything happened until he told me that her outfit got ruined. He fed the Ellie, changed the diaper, cleaned her up, and changed her outfit. He then wrapped up the ruined outfit. Also, he put her in one of her Halloween outfits! Boy am I a lucky girl to have such a wonderful husband and cute (but stinky) baby!

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