Friday, October 9, 2009

10.9.09 Ellie's Big Outing

Today has been a busy day for all of us! This morning Ellie and I went to the Mother's Group at my church. This is my 3rd meeting and Ellie's second. Yes, I went to a meeting for mothers before I had Ellie, but I was very pregnant at the time and therefore was already a mommy. We had a fabulous time! Ellie wore her adorable Halloween outfit from Mama Dunja and Papa C (see above pic). She promptly spit up on it less than halfway into the meeting. Fortunately, I had another Halloween outfit for her to change into. Today was the clothing swap. I brought in a few newborn PJs and about a gazillion newborn diapers that Ellie no longer fits into. People loaded my bag up with several PJs, onsies, pants, and dresses sizes 0-9 months. I walked out with more than I walked in with. Any leftover clothing is donated to the Gabriel project.

Today we also made friends. This woman is extremely kind and I hope to see her again soon. She has a baby girl who also has Down Syndrome. She is absolutely adorable and very friendly, but she did not escape the horrible heart defects that frequently occur in children with Down Syndrome. Nasal canula with oxygen aside, this little one was as happy and interactive as could be. I hope that she and Ellie Bear can be friends as they grow!

Andrew decided to work from home today since it was pouring and our driveway became a river and our backyard became a lake. Note: We are still in a drought. Apparently while Andrew was working, Tama decided to rub her face up against Sophie's muzzle. Go figure. Our "sensitive", leave-me-alone kitty decided to interact with our hyperactive puppy. We are still working on getting Sophie to stop barking for no reason as well as doing a run and jump onto Andrew & me.

Remember that hail storm back in April? The one that damaged the cursed black truck? Well, we are finally getting it back today after 30 days of work, a new hood, and full new coat of paint. Yep, we told them the paintless-dent removal wouldn't work.

Happy weekend to everyone. Loves & hugs, Anna

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