Sunday, October 18, 2009

10.18.09 Kitty Lickin's

Andrew pointed out that yesterday's blog says Friday October 16, 2009 even though my entry is titled 10.17.09. Do not ask me why BlogSpot did that, but I think it is because I had started writing the entry on Friday.

Ellie was a very good girl. She woke mommy up at 3:50am for her early morning snack. At 4:00am my parents woke up to start their long drive back to St. Louis. Because of this, Ellie and I were able to say good-bye!

For breakfast, Andrew and I decided to raid the Frisco Shop of their biscuits. Ellie had the hostess and all of the waitresses wrapped around her little finger. She did not' do anything, but sleep, yet all of the workers at Frisco's kept stopping by our table just to peek in at Ellie. Little Ellie Bear had her little hands out in front of her with her fingers spread so the hostess was sure that she would be a piano player. I thought maybe computer analyst.

I have decided that I am going to design a new hair product that I am sure will make my fortune. The secret ingredient. . . You know how Ellie has tons of hair and it is a little wild like Albert Einstein's (or mommy's)? Well, this afternoon Amelie decided she was going to "groom" Ellie by licking Ellie's hair. For the first time since birth, Ellie's hair was tame!

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