Wednesday, October 28, 2009

10.28.09 Happy 6 Weeks Ellie!

Yes, Ellie is wearing the Little Pumpkin outfit again. She likes it (okay, I like it. I am sure Ellie could care less about what she is wearing at this age, but it is going to be Halloween soon so we are celebrating all week! :-)

We have been super busy. Yesterday Ellie and I attended playgroup with the North Austin Mother's Club. These playdates are for moms and their babies born in 2009. This is the 2nd time we attended and yesterday only one other person showed up to the park. Both of our babies were conked out & it was cold so we headed to Starbucks. Yum! Ellie Bear wore her kitty costume to stay warm. Everyone at Starbucks just loved her.

Today we had lunch with Andrew at Kerbey Lane. Yay, family lunch! She of course slept through the entire lunch but Andrew and I had a nice time.

Well, I have already made my daily phone call to Aetna (well sometimes it is the billing department of doctor's offices). Maybe I should have given birth in Canada.

PS Apparently Ellie Bellie rolled over from tummy to back the other evening while I was at Mother's Night Out with church group. Andrew forgot to tell me until yesterday. Super Ellie!
I also thought everyone would like to see a baby picture of Sophie.

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