Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10.7.09 Happy 3 Weeks, Ellie!

Today Ellie is 3 weeks old! You know what that means. Bring on the baby acne! Okay, it actually isn't that bad. She still is beautiful :-) It also means that babycakes no longer fits in most of the newborn-sized clothing anymore (except for some onsies and the pants from "the aunties"). Yay! She is growing!!!

This morning Ellie surprised me by turning herself onto her side while sleeping. Yes, I do follow the AAP guidelines and place Bear-Bear on her back to sleep in order to decrease her risk for SIDS, but what is a parent to do when the little stinker starts trying to roll? Ellie is also lifting her head during tummy-time and tracking with her eyes very well. I think she even tried to smile at us last night. Her favorite past-time is grabbing Andrew's or my finger and trying to put that into her mouth. Yum! Its like she knows we just ate BBQ or Andrew just ate Mexican food. Maybe we should just feed her Rudy's BBQ sauce straight from the bottle.

Well, I am thinking of giving her a bath now before Andrew gets home seeing as her screaming during naked baby time makes Andrew think I am performing cruel acts of baby torture. Obviously, I am just kidding! Our hearts just break when our baby cries. Squeaky clean!


PS Andrew does not read his wife's blog. Therefore he has not commented on previous post's comments on adopting new kitties. Because he has not said no, I will assume new kitties are okay. Off to the kitty cat rescue!

Also, why is it going to be 90 degrees tomorrow with a heat index of 100? It is October!

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  1. Anna, step away from the kitties. You have a screaming naked baby to take care of.


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