Sunday, October 25, 2009

10.25.09 Buddy Walk Day

Confession: We did not walk the Buddy Walk today. While we wanted to, we are just too tired caring for a hyper puppy & a newborn. However, next year we will walk and it will be fabulous.

Last night our family attended the annual Rico & Michelle Sweets & Treats Halloween party. For those who know me, I look forward to this event every year. No, Andrew and I do not dress up, but this year Ellie Bear attended the party as Tama the Kitty Cat. Her boyfriend Graham was dressed as a chicken. It was adorable. Both babies behaved very well and it was nice for Andrew and me to meet up with friends and socialize. It was also nice to eat the pumpkin-shaped cookies and enjoy Michelle's creative and completely awesome decorating. Is it bad if I copy her scary bathroom idea?

Here is an interesting tidbit. Christine's mother was visiting from El Paso and joined the party. We got talking and discovered that she grew up in Cedar Hill, Missouri and attended Northwest High School. My mother also grew up in Cedar Hill and attended NW HS around the same time! This is a rural area and it was entertaining to discover this. It reminded me of how we discovered that Megan's father who lives in Springfield, Mass. went to CBC High School in St. Louis just 2 years ahead of my dad. It truly is a small world!

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  1. The babies look adorable as well as the parents:-P


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