Monday, October 26, 2009

10.26.09 It's Raining, It's Pouring . . .

Hello everyone,

It is me, Ellie Bellie Bear Bear.

I just love my Daddy. He does all sort of nice things like turning on the Rockababy Metallica lullabies while feeding me. He also changes my stinky diapers and plays with me during tummy time. This morning he made Mommy roller pancakes. He didn't give me any. I just got formula.

Mommy says that because it is raining today it is pajama day. Mommy is wearing her PJs and I was wearing my "I love Daddy" PJs with the bear on them because I am her Bear-Bear. However, I spit up on them and got formula in my hair so I got a bath and new pajamas. It isn't my fault because Mommy put me in the bouncy chair just after eating. It is okay though because mommy made me a receiving blanket with bears on it while I was sleeping.

Tonight is father-daughter time. Mommy is leaving me for some "Mothers' Night Out". Why doesn't she want to take Ellie with her? Wah!



  1. Ellie, you look like your are smiling!

  2. Ellie, I'm jealous you got to spend the day in your PJs. I had to go to work and wear grown up clothes. Perhaps tonight I will wear my PJs when I get home.


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