Monday, October 19, 2009

10.19.09 Ellie Impresses Doctors at Dell Childrens

Our little Ellie Bellie is not only impressing the family, she is also impressing the medical professionals with her amazing tone and eating skills. Yes, eating skills. She takes after her Daddy :-) Today we went to Dell Children's Hospital for the Developmental Clinic with Dr. Del Angel. She is fabulous. Ellie slept through the entire evaluation and maintained good tone while sleeping. Children with DS are known for having hypotonia or low tone. This means that they may have trouble eating, going to the bathroom, holding their heads up, and walking. In fact, I just learned that most DS children do not walk until they are 2 years-old. This might be a blessing in disguise since once they start walking, they are into everything. . .Ellie however, has almost normal tone! Super Ellie!

Ellie was weighed at the clinic today. She is now 8 lb 10 oz!!!! What a little chunky monkey. That is a 2 pound weight gain in a 1 month period. No feeding issues for sure. On the Down Syndrome growth chart, she is at 75%. On an regular chart, she is around 50%. So she is doing great. The length is questionable. Every doctor measures her length differently and at this clinic, it looks like she shrunk. On the DS chart she is at the 25%. Apparently the average height for DS female adults is 4'11". I do wonder if she will be even more petite since I am short. Hum. . .

Bear-Bear had a lunch date with Baby Grace. Actually, Jess and I met up at Pei Wei and then we went back to my house where Grace and Ellie had some quality tummy time that they both cried through and then had a very healthy lunch. Baby Grace is getting so big and she smiled at me. She has such adorable little dimples! Andrew and I cannot wait for Ellie to smile at us.

Sophie thinks she is a cat. Earlier this year Amelie would escape through the back door. She would climb the tree and get confused about how to get down so she would just jump onto our roof. She would cross the roof and jump onto the fence and then jump down onto the ground. I guess Sophie learned some of these behaviors because I caught her trying to climb the tree. She got pretty far too. Crazy dog! Tomorrow my poor little furbaby is getting spayed. Whah! I hope that the Princess Puppy Paw Paws does okay. Cross your fingers!

Note: The picture posted above was taken this past weekend while my parents were intown. Notice how Sophie snuck into the picture. She was bringing her toy to Andrew :-P

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  1. Anna, I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your "blog"...I hope that is the correct term...I'm not up to date on all on the terms for "communicating"...I think that you have a "book" in you! Has Erma Bombeck been replaced? Andrew, Ms. Ellie and four legged menagerie watch could become a bestseller! Leslie


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