Thursday, October 22, 2009

10.22.09 Part 2

There is nothing like a short walk in the sunshine with a baby to cure frustration. Okay, it was a five minute walk because little bit got ravenous and need to eat immediately. Nonetheless, it was an awesome walk!

Our physical therapist is a kitty cat? Yesterday during tummy time Amelie decided that she needed to lay next to Ellie just to be close. Kitties have several things going for them: they are fuzzy, they meow and chirp, and they move. This meant that Ellie preferred to watch and to reach out to Amelie as opposed to looking at mommy or her baby-designed, high-tech, expensive toys. Amelie's presence seemed to encourage little Bear to lift her head up higher, to reach out for touching, and even the accidental rolling over. Maybe Amelie needs to become a regular part of Ellie's tummy time? Now if the kitty could just get Ellie to roll over purposefully? Hey, I have high expectations :-P

This morning was taken up by ECI for Ellie's official assessment. She has to demonstrate arm movement, leg movement, sucking, tummy time, response to sound and all sorts of stuff that just tired her out. In many areas she came in at a 1 month-old level which is good seeing as she is 1 month old and in some areas she registered at 2 months! Go Ellie! Of course this meant ECI said that she didn't need any services. Dr. Del Angel at the DS Clinic warned me of this and said that she still wanted her in ECI seeing as developmentally she will start to slide and develope slower, thus needing services. Being my daughter's advocate, I talked to the ECI caseworker and requested that she check back in periodically to make sure that Ellie is still on track and also to teach me ways to challenge Ellie.

Sophie returned from the vet yesterday and was already acting like her normal self. She is not supposed to jump up for 10 days. Yeah right! She already tried to jump on Andrew and she thinks every waking moment is time for fetch. If anyone has seen this puppy, she likes twist and catch the frisbee, ball, or stuffed toy in the air. So there my darlig dogs sits with big eyes with a frisbee in her mouth saying "please play fetch". She will then drop the frisbee on our feet and sit with big soulful eyes. Sigh.

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