Saturday, October 10, 2009

10.10.09 Too Much Sauce

Today Ellie Bear spoke to her Uncle Matt on the phone where she let out a rip-roaring burp that would make any male proud. It must have been all of the BBQ sauce from this morning's breakfast!

Ellie had a good night. She watched Criminal Minds and practiced lots of tummy time. She is eating 3.5 ounces every 3-4 hours and seems to grow by the minute.

This morning she road in our black truck for the first time since it had been at the collision center due to that hail storm back in April. Mommy got to sit in the back seat with Ellie since the front passenger seat belt does not work properly. The front driver's airbag light is on, the steering wheel makes a weird noise, and the stereo buttons on the wheel do not work either. I am thinking the collision center messed something up. Anyway, Ellie slept the whole way in the car as we went to Rudy's for breakfast tacos (Andrew) and coffee (Anna) and then to the NW Sewing Center to drop off my malfunctioning sewing machine. She then slept through her entire walk around the neighborhood. She is such a good little baby who is fortunate to have inherited Andrew's temperament. Thank goodness!

I think it is time for me to start reading books to Elle Bear-Bear. It is never to early to start reading! Soon (several months actually), we will start sign language! It is a good thing I took a few classes while at Penn. Of course that was medical sign language so Ellie will learn things like ambulance, doctor, nurse, hospital, and vomiting.

Recent News: "Even His Parents Were Surprised He Could Read"
Three year-old boy Chase is able to read. Chase was diagnosed shortly after birth with DS.

YouTube video of adorable little 17 month-old boy using sign language while reading words from flashcard book.

From parent Mike Lee with regards to DS "it is something she has, not who she is."

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