Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10.12.09 Grandpa Bruns is not the dog whisperer, but he is the dog whistler

Yesterday afternoon little Ellie met her Grandpa Bruns for the first time. Ellie just loved being held by Awa Grandma and Grandpa! She demonstrated her advanced burping and head control skills. She also demanded to be held by Awa during a long hiccuping session this afternoon.

While Sophie treated Awa to her special puppy pedicure, she kept her tail tucked and barked like a crazy dog at Grandpa. Grandpa would move very slowly and offer treats, but he is apparently scary. Sophie would calm a little when Grandpa would hold Ellie, but only when Mommy was next to them. If Mommy left the room while Grandpa was holding Ellie, Sophie would start barking again. We are doing better today. Tama however thinks my father is the greatest thing since kitty nip. I think it is because he once let her have brisket.

Mateo (aka Matt) bought his airfare to visit over Thanksgiving. Ellie Bear-Bear is very excited to meet her Uncle Matt!

Today I called the DSACT and the new parent coordinator will contact us later this week. I also called the Down Syndrome Clinic at the Dell Children's Hospital to set up an appt. as requested by Ellie's pediatrician, but apparently some paperwork is required. After sitting on hold for a ridiculously long time with both the Clinic and the pediatrician's office, I believe the paperwork is on its way to the DS Clinic. Tomorrow Ellie has her evaluation by ECI (Early Childhood Intervention). Fortunately, my parents will be around during the assessment to make sure I do not miss or forget anything.

Update: Well, since I wrote this post, we have discovered something. My father (Grandpa Bruns) is the Dog Whistler. When he whistles a tune, Sophie runs and behaves like a good puppy. She will follow him only if he whistles.

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