Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10.6.09 Sophie the Guard Dog

It all started on the day I went into labor. Sophie decided to bark that day non-stop. She barked at me and at the cats. I put her outside and she tried to climb the door all while barking. This was all very unusual seeing as Sophie only barked at strangers prior to this eventful day.

She still has not ceased her barking. She barks at friends, neighbors, our reflection in the glass, cars passing, neighbors conversing across the street, and at nothing (you get the picture--she barks A LOT). She does NOT however bark at Ellie. Ellie has become her baby. When Ellie cries, Sophie runs to Ellie's room and sniffs under the door. Sophie then runs to find me as if to say "hurry up, Ellie is crying".

Then, a miracle occurred. . . last week my mother aka Awa Grandma came to kidnap, I mean visit baby Ellie and we discovered that Awa Grandma is actually the dog whisperer. Sophie did not bark whenever Awa was around. In fact we all became chopped liver in comparison to Awa. She would sit for Awa and in anticipation for that special ear massage that Awa gives. If Awa did not give this massage, Sophie would then lie down as though that would entice my mother to put Ellie down and rub Sophie's ears. When not receiving this ear massage, Sophie would give my mother her special puppy pedicure.

How did the kitties react to the new baby you ask? Well, maybe you didn't ask but you are going to find out anyway. Amelie has taken to sitting next to the bouncy chair while Ellie is in it. If allowed access to Ellie's room, she thinks the crib is her new fort. Hence why all animals are banned from Ellie's room. Tama, on the other hand, still believes that she is the Queen of Sheba and that nothing has changed. She sniffed Ellie once and then the diaper pail before returned to sleeping on boxes and playing with ribbons.

Maybe since the kitties are behaving so well Andrew will let me adopt another one or two or three?

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