Thursday, October 29, 2009

10.29.09 Great Pumpkin & Gremlin-like Gourds

Whenever I hear the word "peanuts" I think of 2 things:
1. How is it that my father can eat nearly an entire jar of peanuts daily and still stay so skinny? and
2. Andrew has a large round head just like Charlie Brown. Sorry baby, but you do have a nice round head with lots of brains.

Last night was the annual showing of "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and Ellie missed it! Little sleeping beauty missed out on Snoopy going after the Red Baron, Linus falling asleep in the pumpkin patch, Charlie Brown's ghost costume with multiple eyes, and Lucy bobbing for apples. Oh well, there is always next year and "A Charlie Brown Christmas" will be on in just a few months.

Did anyone catch the Monsters Vs. Aliens Halloween special last night? Andrew and I saw the movie in the theater and really enjoyed it. However, we liked this 30 minute Halloween episode even better (sort of like how Shrek the Halls is superior to Shrek 3). The alien gourds reminded us of Gremlins only instead of getting them wet, you feed them candy.

Ellie had a big morning today. She met Aunt Laura and cousins Riley and Gavin who recently moved back from Germany. Ellie was on her best behavior. The kitties didn't claw down the hot tub room door and Sophie did not bark during their visit. She was in her "safe" place aka the crate. Riley is positively charming with beautiful eyes framed by long dark lashes (I am jealous, can you tell?) and Gavin is a super cute smiley baby. Laura is a wonderful photographer who did bring her camera, but we completely forgot to take pictures. . . there is always next time.

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