Friday, October 16, 2009

10.17.09 Go Hook 'Em Ellie

First, most importantly, UT (University of Texas for those who think UT is for Utah--such as myself prior to dating Andrew) beat Oklahoma in football this afternoon 16 to 13. Go Longhorns! Andrew swears that Ellie Bear made the longhorn sign when she grabbed his pinky finger this morning at Cafe Java. I, however, know that Ellie is a UPenn Fighting Quaker fan. She will be throwing toast soon during the 3rd quarter!

Today is the last day for Ellie and the furbabies to be spoiled by the Grandparents. Tomorrow they will begin the long 14-15 hour drive back to St. Louis. I know that Ellie will miss being held nonstop and that Sophie will miss Grandpa Bruns' whistling. Actually, Sophie will miss the hundreds of treats that she conned out of my Dad for doing things like sit & lie down and she will miss the special ear massage that Awa gives. Tama will probably not miss my Dad tormenting her with a paper towel, but both Amelie and Tama will miss Awa's pets.

Tonight Andrew is going to teach Little Bear-Bear how to grill steaks on the Big Green Egg. Yum! After that, who knows what the night will bring.

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