Thursday, October 8, 2009

10.8.09 Andrew Has Veto Power

As it turns out, Andrew does read the blog and has vetoed the new kitties. I argued that animals are good for children and that Ellie wants one. Of course Andrew replies with "when Ellie can say 'Daddy, I want a kitty cat.' then we can get another". Hum. Ready for Operation Ellie Speaks. I am going to try and maximize the chance that Ellie Bear's first word is cat or kitty or gato or meow.

When my adorable and extremely intelligent Godson Grant turned 2 yo he started using the word cat very frequently. He would say things like "Auntie Anna has cats." or "Hi Tama!". He would also explain that kitty cats meow. Additionally, he now likes to say "CATastrophe" which is from a book titled "Cats" by Michael Van Fleet--obviously a gift from his Godparents. So I have high hopes that Grant-Man will also teach Ellie. Of course, this is also the same toddler who said "Auntie Anna, what's this?" when he first saw Ellie. Goodness, Grant just cracks me up sometimes.

Moving on. I found this article very exciting. A teenager with Down Syndrome scores a touch-down! Remember, children with Down Syndrome are just like other children. They have the same emotions and feelings we do and they meet the same developmental milestones in the same order as other children. They just might be a little slower at reaching those milestones. This article proves that.

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