Friday, October 16, 2009

10.16.09 Happy 1 Month Ellie!

Today little Bear is 1 month old. I cannot believe how time flies and just how much she has changed in the past few weeks. She is getting so big and is trying to do so many things. She is trying to roll over on her own from back to stomach. When she is held up against our shoulders, she pushes off with her hands and holds her head up high. Ellie is working hard on perfecting her smile :-) She is starting to sleep longer at night. . .well some of the time. Last night was 6 hours!

Tonight all of us (Andrew, myself, Grandpa Bruns, Awa Grandma, and Ellie) are celebrating at Z-Tejas. Actually, I am not celebrating her one month mark but rather celebrating the return of Ugly Betty to primetime TV--just kidding!!! Do you think Ellie Bear is ready for the special Tejas cornbread with lots of butter?

Today it finally cooled off and we were able to take a nice walk without having to worry about intense heat & humidity, storms, or mosquitoes. It was a little chilly with a cool breeze so Ellie was pretty bundled up. She wore her polka dot kitty costume that she received from my Aunt Kris! I think she was pretty comfortable because she went right to sleep 5 minutes into our walk.

Tomorrow will be the last day of my parents visit. Ellie has been so spoiled by their attention and I have been spoiled by being able to take naps or leave the house without a baby in tow. I know that they will miss her terribly, but we shall all meet up again soon around the Holidays. Papa Charles, Mama Dunja, and Uncle Matt will fortunately be here during Turkey time :-)

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