Thursday, September 29, 2011

Forget Me Not Friday: Josiah & Other Children

Did you remember?  Did you remember that this is the day we focus on the orphans overseas who are forced to live out their days in an institution all because they are deemed "less than worthy"? All because they have something that makes them "different" such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, Apert's syndrome, etc?

September is drawing to a close, which means I will soon be turning my change into a dollars for Francine.

October's Change-For-A-Change will be Josiah.

Here is a bit of background on little Josiah:

Boy, Born June 22, 2004

Josiah is SO handsome!   Olive skin, and dark hair with beautiful deep brown eyes.
Josiah is all boy!   Very active and doing well. He was born with an additional chord to the left ventricle, and has a functional systolic murmur.   But you'd never know it!  
From an adoptive family who visited with him in May 2010: "This cutie pie had just woken up from his nap, so he was not feeling over smiley.  He was very pleasant and followed the commands of his caretaker.  He appropriately pointed to his ears, eyes, nose, bottom and hands after she asked him to show her where each part was.  He loves to throw the ball back and forth with someone. He is well developed and proportional.  He is a big boy."
From an adoptive family who visited with him in April 2011:    "Josiah was transferred to his current place in October, 2010.  He has lost a noticeable amount of weight. He is desperate for personal attention and stimulation.  The caretakers at the orphanage really do not know what to do with him. He is very outgoing and has a huge smile for anyone that is willing to give him the time of day. He gets along well with the other children in the group and listens well to his caretakers.  He walks and runs, and plays, and feeds himself, but he seems to have slipped into survival mode here and is regressing fast.  I feel VERY STRONGLY that he needs out of this place!"

How can your heart not break into pieces when you see his sweet face and know of the horrors he must face?  He is already in an institution!  An institution where he may be medicated and tied to the crib.  An institution where only basic needs such as small amounts of food are provided.  He needs care.  He needs love.  He needs a family! 

Guess what? He does have a family, but they have not been revealed yet.  Once I am able to release the information, I will be sure to share it with you.  Until then, only a little over $1,700 is in his grant. So much more is needed.  So please, consider donating your extra change towards this little boy's adoption.

You can make a difference!  If all of my followers donated $10 during the month of October, $1,130 would be raised.  That is a huge chunk of change!  If you cannot donate, then please spread the word.  

For more background info on these children and orphanages, click here.

Ellie says, "please see what these other families are up to!".

Other updates:
The Smith Family has traveled to Eastern Europe [EE] and met their little girls Phoebe and Daria.
The Taylor Family arrived in EE earlier this week and are waiting to meet Andriy (Jadon).

The Eubanks family still need significant funds to bring home Shawna and Lindsey.
The Keizer Family is raising funds to bring home Mary (Rush).
The Quinn family is sponsoring an iPad give away for Donna (Autumn)
The Sphak family is still selling "orphan bracelets" to raise money for the adoption of Shannon.

Finally, a dear wonderful of follower (Thanks Sue!) brought the following blog to my attention.  If you look at the banner at the top of the blog. . .all the way to the left--TABITHA!!!!!  No, she does not have a family.  Yes, she is still available.  Yes, she is the most beautiful child ever next to my darling Ellie. This fabulous group of young woman and striving to make a change.

If you would like to have a child featured on Forget-Me-Not Fridays, please contact me at


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