Sunday, September 18, 2011

Many Faces of Ellie: Birthday Style!

One of the ladies in my mother's club once said "a birthday is a day to be completely dedicated to her.  It is the one day of the year that is her day and is all about her".  I really took this to heart and hence, the week-long celebrating. A Birthday is a Day of Fun, Family, Friends, and Celebrating Life!  Read about a year in review here.

Yesterday, we celebrated Ellie's 2nd birthday lady-bug style.

Easy Peasy Lady Bug Cake

This was not a typical large party with tons of energetic toddlers running around as I hosted a playdate earlier this week with all of her friends.  Our celebration was fabulous as Papa Charles & Grandma Dunja drove down from Plano and Ellie's Godparents with their 2 kidlets joined in the fun.


Andrew and I purchased the Step-2 Buggy for her birthday due to an incident at the mall.  Our mall has a fantastic, free, indoor playscape that we tend to frequent.  One time, there was a pink and purple Step-2 Buggy parked just outside the playscape.  Toddler Bear was adamant that this buggy was hers.  She kept leaving the playscape to climb into this other child's buggy.  Hence, the idea for her birthday present.  

I think Ellie needs a bigger teddy bear.

It completely escaped Andrew's memory that we were going to purchase this wagon of happiness for Ellie as he also bought Ellie a gift. At Costco, there are these gigantic and I mean HUGE teddy bears.  Of course the Bear-Bear needed a ginormous teddy bear.  The Bear is larger than her!  Andrew claims that the teddy bear is from him and the buggy wagon is from me.  Hum. . . apparently we each got her a large present.

I think she wants more cake icing.



  1. Happy Birthday Ellie! Looks like a great day! Love that 2 big gifts were bought by 'accident'. We have the same problem at our house. :)

  2. Looks like yall had a wonderful birthday week for Ellie!

  3. Awa Grandma and Grandpa wish the Ellie Bear Lady Bug a happy 2nd birthday!

  4. How super-cute, Ellie with the cake! And what an awesome concoction you made there, Mama! Happy birthay (belated)! xoxox


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